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Future Products

Food, Beverage and Supplements:

I have been developing Food (mostly Functional Foods), Beverage (alcohol and non-alcohol types) and Supplement products and marketing strategies since 2002 as I studied these and related subjects. In 2014, I subscribed to several Nutraingredient newsletters, giving me exposure to policy, market trends and other details about these markets. I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge for benefiting a business in these markets.


In 2002, I started researching how to start a business that created, imported and distributed (online, physical stores and expos) products in Canada and the USA from Canada. I now consider it much wiser to enter an agreement with an existing company or individuals with the know how that share my humanitarian and environmental goals. I can only do so much, and there is much only I can do well.


Complementary to Above: 

Such a business sets a god foundation for several complementary products, such as several Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency designs, Grounding designs, Therapeutic Magnet designs and more.

League of Their Own:


I also have several products that are not complementary, such as 2 automotive safety designs (I am sure one will be made mandatory; the other maybe), an effective and adaptable posture monitor/alarm, and 2 Clothes Dryer innovations to remove the need for the very toxic dryer sheets that are commonly in use (1 of them might have fabric softening benefits as well).

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