Psychic Anatomy Exercises brings together the techniques of Energy Healing (Ex. Reiki), Qigong and Yoga (combines very well with yoga asanas routines as Psychic Anatomy Yoga). More and more people are getting involved in these practices and having varying degrees of success. To get more success, incorporating psychic anatomy (comprehensively) can help a lot! Psychic anatomy (ex. chakras, auric field, meridians/nadis, hara, and core star) is crucial for experiencing the psychological and spiritual benefits of many practices because it is more your psyche than your physical body is.


Aside from being very experienced in these types of modalities (started in 1995 with Meditation, Reiki and Spring Forest Qigong), I have written multiple books (4) and articles on the subjects of Psychic Anatomy Exercises, also known as Sakityama from its early days; I have even made a few DVDs with special effects. It is truly amazing what can be experienced with this practice! Aside from extremely beautiful experiences that many associate with Bliss, Euphoria, Oneness, God, Jesus, Heaven or Angels (your psychic anatomy connects you to these sources; how well depends on its health and performance), key benefits include an elevated awareness of your, other peoples, and environmental energies, making it easier to work with them for healing, empowering and guidance purposes. If this sounds wonderful to you, know that advanced classes get even better, but first you need to develop your foundation.


Workshops and Classes are designed and waiting for participants.  Please send you interest to this website or th Psychic Anatomy Exercsies Facebook Page.

Note: The pandemic has made it financially hard for a lot of people.  Please consider sponsoring someone(s) by making a post on the following Facebook Group.  If you want to be sponsored, you can also post to this group.

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