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The For-Profit Nonprofit

Dominated Economy Advantage 

For-Profit Nonprofits are Nonprofits that aim to replace Canadian Tires, Walmarts, Kleenex, Kraft, and other lucrative companies that provide products or services to society and do not give back significantly; they mostly keep profits to make mega-rich individuals richer. This is a major burden on the majority as money funnels into their hands, but not appreciably out to where it is needed most! Governments use tax dollars to do their best to fill the gap, and lets face it, they are failing at this hard task. For-Profit Nonprofits change the playing field by offering consumers the same products and services as the companies mentioned above at the same price, but also have legal requirements to invest 60% of their profits into societal development projects and are not allowed to pay any one in their company more than $250,000 year, including bonuses.


As For-Profit Nonptrofits start to dominant the economy, the world will radically change as societies receive about 60% more money from the economy than before!! Think about this... This is a Holy Grail concept!


Governments need to get onboard publicly, and with policies because a For-Profit Nonprofit dominated economy will make democracies work for the majority as they are suppose to. The mega-rich cannot corrupt our governments if they are not mega-rich! Please do what you can to get the government to support the growth of this concept because many mega-rich people will try to suppress it. If the government supports this movement, these attempts of suppression will fail because the governments will know how to intervene and help nonprofits compete until they are self sufficient.


The time is now! Inflation will decrease along with taxes, pollution and corruption in a For-Profit Nonprofit dominated economy, as product and service quality increases!!


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Federal and or Provincial/State Policies

Stock Exchange Presence for Nonprofits Policy



Pass an Albertan version of BC’s C3 that has a dividend cap of 150% of the average dividend paid out by the 4 top banks. Example, if the top 4 banks average is 5%, then the NP dividend would max out at 7.5%.



All NPs can generate revenue, but cannot exist on a stock exchange, which would provide multiple benefits for these businesses, and society as a whole (ex. gives people the option to invest, as well as a form of marketing). This has motivated the Community Contribution Corporation in BC, Community Interest Company in Nova Scotia, as well as a Community Interest Company model in the UK. It is time for Alberta to get onboard with this valuable business model for getting democratic economies working for the majority as they are suppose to.

The business models mentioned above have a 40% cap on dividends which is an extremely large amount; it is very rare for dividends to exceed 5% - mostly comes from banks. We believe that Alberta’s version of this business model needs to have a dividend cap of 150% of the average dividend paid out by the 4 top banks. For example, if the average is 5%, then then NP would have a dividend max of 7.5%. This is enough to attract massive investment without looking like a manipulation of this noble and socially valuable bushiness model.



  • 60% of NP profits have to be used in societal development projects

    • Most corporations invest nothing back into their societies or very little (ex. B-Corps)

  • Employees cannot exceed $250,000 in payments or assets per year

    • Many large corporations pay out huge bonuses (1 million+) on top of very large salaries (250,000+)

  • An enormous amount of new money will flow into social programs, charities and not profitable NPs as these businesses become mainstream

    • This will eventually lead to a reduction of taxes and government investments into utopian concepts, such as free higher education, health services, and much more

  • Product and service quality will increase because there is much less greed/motivation to decrease it for the sake of paying out bigger bonuses and dividends

  • Pollution will decrease because there is much less greed/motivation to produce it for the sake of paying out bigger bonuses and dividends

  • Humanitarian abuse issues will decrease because there is much less greed/motivation to cause it for the sake of paying out bigger bonuses and dividends

  • Empowering NP in this way can be considered a complimentary or alternative way of taxing the mega-rich and closing the tax loopholes they use

    • This has proven to be a difficult task; discussed in Economy: Taxing Mega-Rich Netwealth


For-Profit Nonprofit Organization Policy

Definition of a For-Profit Nonprofit (FPNP): a NP with stock market presence. Please read “Stock Exchange Presence for Nonprofits” above as a prerequisite for the content below.



Assign funding to a FPNP Organization of Alberta, with intentions of it becoming a national organization based in Alberta.



Community Contribution Corporation and Community Interest Company (basically the same) are very powerful business models to steer our economy towards serving the majority as it is suppose to. Aside from businesses with key Intellectual Properties (ex. patents), we want to aim for a future where all (large) businesses are run as a FPNP! We see this as a very realistic goal because once consumers learn of the extreme benefits FPNPs have on the future of their societies, they will always choose FPNP products and services over the conventional for-profit options that essentially funnel the money into the control of mega-rich individuals for them to hoard.

With all these benefits, you may wonder why haven’t they taken off already! Aside from BC’s CIC organization charging consulting fees, blocking interest at the first step, in large, these business models and their benefits are not being advertised, promoted or readily supported in any way. An Albertan-based FPNP Organization can take on these and other supportive roles, and with wisdom from the House of Commons, eventually becoming a national organization based in Alberta.


Goals of FPNP Organization

  • Help business startup as a FPNP

    • Free consulting and services

    • Funding

  • Help business transition into a FPNP model

    • Free consulting and services

    • Funding

  • Help businesses compete with mega-corps until they are self-sustaining

    • Free consulting and services

    • Funding

  • Educate FPNP benefits to consumers

  • Advertise FPNP options to consumers and businesses

  • Monitor FPNP, post reports on their website, and assign ranks

    • Some FPNP will try to minimize their profits while maximizing them for companies that benefit from the FPNP success

      • FPNP sell products with a tiny markup while paying excessively for the products they sell

      • FPNP pay excessively for marketing, business, consulting and other outsourced services

    • Based on the percentage of a FPNP businesses involved from resources to sales, a ranking that accompanies the FPNP logo on their products and marketing materials of the FPNP will be assigned

      • For example, if 100% of revenue of all businesses involved are from FPNP, they would get a 100% ranking. If only 25% of the revenue involves FPNP, then their ranking is only 25%.

    • Help identify and close potential FPNP loopholes and manipulations

  • Monitor FPNP (large) donation recipients in case they are attempts to manipulate the intentions of FPNP

    • This task will put the organization in a good position to help condense efforts and support collaboration of the Charity and not profitable NP sectors

    • It is possible that some FPNP donation recipients could receive too much money as a manipulation of this concept or by accident. We may need a policy that only allows recipients to have bank accounts that carry 3 years worth of funds, or something like that. Every dollar that exceeds this amount needs to be donated elsewhere.


I hope it is clear that the FPNP concept has enormous potential to improve the quality of life on earth of the very near and distant futures! It only needs reasonable support to do so.

Key Business to Stat with

Brett Rogers believes that an online store that host vendors similar to Amazon, ESTY, Aliexpress, Wish, etc is the best FPNP to start with. It will attract consumers and that will attract vendors that will be motivated to take a stronger position against competition by becoming a FPNP themselves. This will also attract attention from conventional corporations that do not want FPNP to replace them. Some of them are very powerful and government support will be needed to help protect them from dishonest business tactics to oppress the FPNP.


Final Comments

There are likely an existing organization(s) that can be innovated to become the FPNP Organization, but it might be more successful to start a new one of similar structure and later integrate them.

Stock Exchange presence is not needed for a NP to thrive, but it is very helpful with additional benefits discussed in Economy: Stock Exchange Presence for Nonprofits Policy above. Many would gladly operate as a NP if it meant they would make more money than they presently are, on a stock exchange or not! This organization will help both types of NPs.

Donations into research need to considered as government funding so patents cannot be claimed. If patents could be claims, this would result in FPNP leaders profiting from their donations by having ownership of the research institution that owns the patents. I believe government funded research, research and patents is an involved topic and consulting with someone who know this area well would be wise.

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