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Many are amazed by this book!  You can see why by going to Amazon to view the Comprehensive Table of Contents (not the Condensed version) 

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In today's world, health and performance enhancement is necessary, especially if you do not have extended healthcare. Diseases and disorders are on the rise, even in children! Many experts believe the increase in responsibilities, toxins, and malnutrition are causing this by making the average life more physically and psychologically demanding. As well, the nurturing needed to recover from these challenges is decreasing (healthy diet and lifestyle skills). Lots of the information in this book has been shown in scientific studies to prevent and reverse many of the common diseases and disorders of modern times, as well as elevate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and performance well beyond average.

Chronic stress and/or overuse of stimulants results in a degradation of brain health and performance in specific and general ways, as well as of the entire body. Although many notice side-effects in extreme situations (ex. headache, mistakes, poor focus, mood swings, digestive problems, etc), the consequences of the accumulation of internal damage is often not noticed until a disease or disorder has developed, such as Cancer, Autoimmunity, Diabetes, Obesity, Dementia (ex. Parkinson's and Alzheimer's) or a Mood/Stress Disorder. Learning to minimize/manage stress and keep yourself going with the techniques taught within plays an important role in protecting you from these conditions. As well, they will help enhance your overall mind-body-spirit health and performance, making it easier to achieve your goals as a Superhuman.

This is the Ultimate Guide on Preventative/Curative Natural Medicine and Performance Enhancement!

Samples pages can be read on Amazon.

This book can also be purchased as a Part 1 and Part 2 version.

Note: This books does not contain an Appendix; I do not use them and overlooked making one.

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In general, it is best to order through Amazon; although you can get a better price if you want to order more than 1 at a time; see below.


Buy 2 or more copies of the complete book, or 4 or more of the Parts 1 and 2 versions, and get the discount below from your local Amazon Standard Price, as well as Free Shipping to the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and Canada.  The only catch is that shipping usually takes a bit longer (5-8 business days) and sometimes a lot longer around Christmas (up to a month).  Shipping to other countries takes about 8-17 business days and shipping fees apply; can ship world wide.  Send me an email with your shipping address and how you would like to pay (PayPal or Email Transfer).  I will then send you an PayPal Invoice or email you with an email address to send the transfer to.  Thank you!

# of Books            Discount  

         2                       5%            

         3                       8% 

         4                      12%

         5                      17%

         6                      23%

         7                      30%

         8                      38%

         9                      47%            

        10+                   50%     

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