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Top Four Societal Development Projects

We Are Capable of building a utopia

      As a dedicated scholar and author of individual and collective enhancement strategies, I have identified many ways to better structure a nation for the sake of the evolution of our species, as well as all life on Earth; the 4 most powerful are introduced below:


1) Forprofit-Nonprofits are a name I gave a Forprofit business that has the following rules in their Articles of Incorporation: 1) a 340,000/year Compensation Cap - 2) are required to donate 60% of their profits to Nonprofits or Charities. These, and a few other rules, will sustainably and greatly suppress greed at the Corporate Executive Level (the primary problem on our planet), balance the wealth divide, improve product and service quality, as well as substantially increase Societal Development Funding once they dominate in the economy! Domination will be facilitated by a Nonprofit called the Forprofit-Nonprofit Association that lends money, educates consumers on why buying from Forprofit-Nonprofits is so much better than conventional Forprofits, owns critical Trademarks used in the educating of consumers, and performs a few other tasks. This project will effectively build a Triple Bottom Line Economy and a more utopian existence on Earth for the majority. Learn more.

2) The Global Debate Website will be the most valuable decision making tool on the planet! The Global Debate Website will host uploaded documents for users to comment upon in a restricted way that makes it easy for relevant information to be tabulated by simple AI for other viewers to review in a relatively short amount of time - even when 10,000s and perhaps 100,000s of people have contributed to the debate. This will greatly speed up and improve academic research, make the innovation of large organizational policies easier/possible, as well as provide many other benefits!


The AI will also be able to collect information from multiple, and all uploads, to help understand collective perspectives and psychological trends in a more sophisticated way than what is possible today. Aside from Targeting Marketing, this information will help guide our governments and businesses. Note: A preliminary version is intended to be developed by the Forprofit-Nonprofit Association to help guide how the 60% of profits is donated.


Many decisions involve an abundance of information that is too often (far) removed from the direct awareness of decision makers, resulting in some of the blunders news reporter have covered, especially within governments where financial motivation is less pressing compared to businesses. Good decision making is also challenged by negligence, corruption, greed, and incompetence - all have been proven hard to weed out effectively, especially in governments. The Global Debate Website will keep record of user activity (or a lack of it), as well as build a User Status Ranking to help tabulate qualities about specific people (ex. debating performance on specific topics). Aside from motivating users to think twice before contributing to a debate, this information can be used to provide and block access to specific uploads, be purchased and shared with potential employers, lenders, sponsors, partners, voters, and more to help gain  their confidence. This information can also be screened across all users for help find specific types of people (well beyond what Linkedin, Social Media Target Marketing and Demographics can do) for employment and other purposes.


All of this, and a bit more, can be achieved in a very profitable way! Learn more.

3) Innovating the Public School Curriculum to teach Life Skills a top priority will have an exponential effect on our evolution. Nations that effectively implement this wisdom first will significantly reduce the problems that unhealthy mind-body civilians cause, as well as benefit greatly by the average person being more competent. The Global Debate Website will play a catalytic role in this process by helping to coordinate the efforts of innovation. Learn more.

4) Academia has identified multiple conception, pregnancy and parenting strategies that enhance the overall mind-body health and performance of parents and children in the short, long, and very long-term. Teachings these subjects as a vital life skill in the public curriculum is of great importance! Some of these methods can be enhanced with (free or low cost) public services, such as with respect to health enhancing Birth Control options, Genetic and Epigenetic Testing, as well as a  Dating Website that connects people with complimentary genes and epigenes. Aside from making the lives of children, parents, and the people more directly involved in their lives easier and more successful, all of society will benefit by the higher quality and quantity of contributions they make to the evolution of the whole. Learn more.


Part of the reason why these last 2 projects have not fully expressed themselves despite the many previous attempts to do so, is that funding has been too limited. Indeed, they are large projects. In a Forprofit-Nonprofit dominated economy, more than enough funding would be available for them, as well as other utopian concepts. If you have not already done so, please donate to the Forprofit-Nonprofit project so it can lead the way for these and other utopian concepts to come into existence.

Article Introductions to Brett A Rogers

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