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Societal Development

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with to improve the future

          Structuring society to better facilitate an individuals ability to improve their mind-body-spirit health and performance will improve all aspects of life on Earth.  Remember, mind-body healthier and better performing humans contribute more effectively to the sustainability and evolution of societal structures, the people that make them up, as well as the environment!  As a developed author of these subjects, I have identified many innovations to modern societies that to effectively sustain and accelerate our evolution; discussed in the 1st edition of my textbook - mostly Chapters 4, 16 and the Epilogue:  The 4 most powerful ones are introduced below:


1) Forprofit-Nonprofits are businesses that have 2 key rules: 1) a 340,000/year Compensation Cap and 2) are required to donate 60% of their profits to Nonprofits and Charities. The first rule greatly suppresses greed (the primary problem on our planet), while the other substantially increases Societal Development Funding! With the help of a Forprofit-Nonprofit Association to educate consumers on why buying from these businesses is so much better than conventional Forprofits, as well as a few other helpful tasks, Forprofit-Nonprofits can dominate in the economy, birthing a utopia for everyone. Learn more.

2) The Global Debate Website will be the most valuable decision making tool on the planet!  Many decisions involve so much information that is often (far) removed from the direct awareness of decision makers that it is no wonder that some of the blunders news reporter have covered exist, especially within governments where financial motivation is less pressing compared to businesses. Good decision making is also challenged by negligence, corruption, greed, and incompetence which has proven hard to weed out, especially in governments (Note: Getting elected requires a very different skill set compared to being elected). The Global Debate Website serves in all of these ways, and more (ex. researching employees, candidates, and funding applicants, understanding demographics, target marketing, *speeding up and improving academic research, supporting the innovation of large organizations, policies and even software coding).  All of this can be achieved in a very profitable way!  Learn more.

3) Innovating the Public School Curriculum to teach Life Skills a top priority is the most important one.  Nations that effectively implement this wisdom first will significantly reduce the many problems that unhealthy mind-body civilians cause, as well as benefit greatly by the average person making better decisions and being more productive.  As the foundation of society improves, everything built upon it improves.  Learn more.

4) Providing Free Genetic, Epigenetic, and Birth Control will greatly enhance future generations by giving them a better understanding of their mind-body health and performance foundation, as well that of children they intentionally or unintentionally conceive with the people they have sexual intercourse with. It is a statistical fact that unintended pregnancy's are often heavy burdens on those directly involved, making it harder for them and their child to thrive. These challenges often spill over into their relationships and society in many ways. Effective Birth Control techniques are being discovered that also enhance overall mind-body health and performance.  I think it is vital to make them free ASAP.


Teaching students about this reality, as well as preparing them to have a child - be a parent - is a vital Life Skill that will reduce unintentional pregnancies, and improve the outcome of all pregnancies when they do happen. Providing free Genetic and Epigenetic testing, as well as access to a Dating Website where people are matched by this information for optimal reproduction outcomes is another powerful step we can take as a society to ensure future generations have the best foundation possible.  Learn more.

Note: Most people have learned that Fantasy Love (Chemistry) is a temporary experience. It has value, but when it comes to raising a family and long-term goals in general, the Life Skills of Personal Growth and Communication, combined with character traits you appreciate are much more important. We can love many types of people and achieve these goals with them! There are even more types of people we can be sexually attracted to. It is wise to explore doing these things with people we are genetically and epigenetically complimentary with incase pregnancy occurs.

Article Introductions to Brett A Rogers

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