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A Political Introduction to Brett  Rogers


               The meaning of life, at least in part, is to contribute to the evolution of the whole?  It makes sense!  When an individual enhances their mind-body-spirit health and performance, they can comprehend their present life situations and make the changes needed to thrive more easily, as well as help others do the same.  All of this contributes to the evolution of a whole in a fundamental way.  When societies make the enhancement of its people from this perspective a higher priority, the average person will make better decisions for themselves and what they contribute to (ex. jobs), as well become more capable and enduring.  This is a compounding effect.  As each generation grows up in a healthier environment with more constructive opportunities, the rate of our evolution increases. Inventions and innovations become more common as negligence, mistakes and cruelty decrease.


Core Social Policies


Humans thrive in a healthy environment with plenty of challenges to address. Overcoming challenges is growth, and growth is needed for humanity to evolve.  This is why I support Conditional Universal Basic Income, Conditional Health Care and Pharmacare programs, Innovating the K-12 Public School Curriculum to Teach Life Skills as a Top Priority, and several other policies discussed in this manual. As long as someone is growing in mind-body-spirit health and performance and/or helping others do so, they should be considered an employee of a government because the role of governments are to facilitate the evolution of their people!


Life Skills


Many humans fall into unhealthy lifestyle patterns when there is nothing motivating them to do otherwise – the instant gratification challenge. Being raised by parents and peers that behave this way, and do not have healthy lifestyle skills, has resulted in developed nations having a genetic and epigenetic pandemic called Non-Communicable Diseases. Also known as mind-body dysfunctions, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, cancers, dementias, and more are caused by unhealthy lifestyle practices, pollution and psychological stress increasing baseline inflammation – discussed at length in the textbook Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman, along with preventative and corrective science-based strategies.


Short periods of many moderate forms of inflammation are health enhancing (ex. exercise and psychological stress/learning), but when they are too intense, persist for long periods or in conjunction with other stressors, genetic and epigenetic changes of trauma can occur that weaken that human for a longer and longer period depending on how healthily they were living before, and after the experience(s) occur. If these events occur close to the time of conception, during pregnancy or infancy, the impact can scar a child’s future very easily; these are known as sensitive periods. At the same time, constructive experiences can give that child a significant advantage, as well as the mother in some situations.


If one or both of the parents have a genetic mutation(s) or epigenetic imprint(s) promoting a non-communicable disease(s), it is more likely – guaranteed in some situations - that their offspring will have them as well. Sometimes this results in a non-communicable disease - a mind-body disorder/dysfunction – developing very early on in life or at birth. Luckily, it is possible to prevent and heal these diseases using strategies studied by many scientists. Unluckily, those with genetic and epigenetic damage, more diligence is needed. Hopefully, the public K-12 school curriculum will be innovated in the near future to teach these and other vital life skills to slow down and reverse the trend of this non-communicable disease pandemic as it boosts the potential of the average human to have a higher quality of life as they contribute to that of their societies!


For a society to thrive, its people need to be top-notch! To help them comprehend how their mind and body is influenced by healthy and unhealthy lifestyle choices during their K-12 experience, as well as learn strategies to help optimize these parts of themselves and those around them might be one of the most important steps we can take to enhance the evolutionary rate of our species. When we understand why good choices are good, we are more likely to make them. The societies that do this first are likely to have significant advantages in the future over those that take longer to advance.


Other life skills of great importance for K-12 students, as well as those who have graduated before these topics were taught, include concepts of ethics and happiness, communication skills, present problems facing humanity, reducing pollution, working with government services and organizations, and big picture concepts of an individual’s role in society (having/not having purpose is a powerful influence to mind-body health and performance).


Skills concerning preconception, pregnancy, and parenting might have the greatest impact! Aside from topics already discussed, teaching these subjects in significant depth - most people become parents one day - will very likely reduce accidental pregnancies numbers. When high-school students have a more comprehensive appreciation for what it means to become pregnant, they will be more careful, and if they do become pregnant, they will be more capable at doing a good job. Note: Accidental pregnancies of unprepared parents is a leading cause of societal burdens, and of course, oppressed potential for the parents and their children to experience a fruitful and joyful life.)


The following article includes scientific references on the topics discussed above.


Conditions Motivate


Innovating the public school curriculum will help correct the Non-Communicable Disease Pandemic and promote other advantages, but motivation will still be needed, especially in the beginning as society updates to a healthier norm. Conditional Universal Basic Income is a means of motivation. Instead of giving people money to do what they please with it, this policy will restrict a percentage of their allowance to only be spent on mind-body health and performance enhancing options (ex. fruits and vegetables - not processed foods, education, gym passes, bus passes, and perhaps spiritual development). As well, their overall health and performance will dictate how much money they receive in several ways, especially over time. Free housing will be available, as well as Conditional Health Care to motivate compliance with healthy lifestyle prescriptions. See Economic: Conditional Universal Basic Income policy to learn about this concept.


Too many people are negligent to their health, thinking the health care system and financial assistance programs will take care of them in the future if need be. This is clogging the system, resulting in health conscious people waiting so long that their conditions worsen or they use their money on foreign treatment options, weakening the dollar and economy. It is not logical for health conscious people to suffer and lose long term health so people who are, and will very likely remain negligent to their health can receive treatment.


Conditional Health Care will monitor people throughout their lives and make suggestions to prevent and correct problems using healthy lifestyle techniques; studies clearly show that these techniques are the best way to prevent and reverse non-communicable diseases. If there is evidence that they are not complying, they will be warned, repeatedly perhaps that when the day comes that they need dialysis or another treatment, they will be treated as a lower priority compared to those that have been making more of an effort to maintain their health. Some may believe it is cruel to deny health care to someone, but consider that by not serving a health delinquent, perhaps 10 health conscious people can be served over time, then it becomes cruel not to have Conditional Health Care, and counter productive for other reasons. See Health: Conditional Health Care policy to learn more.


In-Depth Currency Calibration


It is clear that societies need to maintain motivation for best results. The 3 policies above provide this while improving the quality of life of present and especially future citizens, but how to pay for them and other valuable concepts discussed in the policy manual? This is the most crucial question for most pro-social political policies. In general, it is about taxing the mega-rich more appropriately, but this has been very hard to do because the mega-rich can move their money to another country if they fear being taxed too heavily, and many argue that the mega-rich have infiltrated our governments, giving them leverage to keep our democracies working for them and not the majority as they are suppose to. Below I will discuss 3 policies that can (significantly) improve this situation!


Digital Dollars, also known as a Federal Cryptocurrency, is a means of financially monitoring and taxing the mega-rich, as well as everyone else, but it appears that this Utopian opportunity will not be ready for many years; see Monetary Systems: Digital Dollars policy. The best way to re-balance the wealth on earth ASAP, and get democracies working as they are suppose to – for the majority - might be the Monetary Systems: In-depth Currency Calibration policy. It will move all dollars into a new tender exactly the same as the previous, resulting in a more accurate knowledge of individual netwealth as it flushes out illegal money. Using a few techniques, governments will be able to collect very large amounts of money to pay off debt, fund the programs discussed above and more, as well as address the Climate Crisis, pollution, and raise Academia to a pillar position of a society’s success!


Obviously, an in-depth currency calibration will cost a lot of time and money to do well, and hopefully it will only have to be done once; maybe twice when digital dollars are ready - not sure if this will be necessary.


Note: If you have concern about the average democratic government having as much financial power as they would receive from this policy being put into action, so am I. The Democratic Decisions Website (discussed below) can help improve the use of democratic power and the making of all decisions! The challenge we presently face is that things are really bad right now and governments need more financial power ASAP to address them effectively; the Democratic Decisions Website will take year to develop, so let’s get started now.


A For-Profit Nonprofit Dominated Economy


Another money maker to fund programs I have carried with me as an almost full time author on societal development subjects since 2006 might actually be better; it is defiantly complimentary. Nonprofits can be used to sell anything, and when they do, 60% of their profits are required to be donated to charities, other nonprofits, and academic research. As well, beneficiaries of the company cannot receive more than $250,000/year. Compare this to majority of businesses that do not give back anything to society. Now consider that people in high up positions of larger corporations often take home millions of dollars per year, and some a lot more! Imagine how society would change if a lot of the money that is presently funneling into the hands of selfish mega-rich individuals was being used to fund programs that make the world a better place for the majority? Whether it is making Conditional Universal Basic Income a reality, tackling the Climate Crisis, funding research, reducing pollution, and or increasing our quality of food, water, air, and life in general, having an economy dominated by Nonprofits will give us the financial power to create a Utopian existence while decreasing the harms motivated by greed!


If you are thinking that the mega-rich will resist these nonprofits from taking over their market shares, you are probably right. Hence, I purpose For-Profit Nonprofit Organizations be funded by governments to assist the transition of for-profit corporations into a For-Profit Nonprofits, nurture startups, market to the public about their existence and benefits, as well as monitor their legal activities. This concept will privatize a large portion of government responsibilities that they have in general, been performing (very) poorly with ever since their inception many would argue. People who make businesses thrive are experts at asset allocation – people who are effective at campaigning too often not are not and perform poorly in other aspects of their positions elected; discussed again below.


We can improve this situation even further by giving nonprofits stock market presence, capping divides at 150% of the top 4 banks. This is more than enough to attract large amounts of investment from stock markets because once societies comprehend how For-Profit Nonprofits (nonprofits with stock market presence) benefit them, they will quickly be the choice brand, resulting in rapid growth and secure futures. You can learn more about the benefits of this concept in Economy: Stock Exchange Presence for Nonprofits policy, and Economy: For-Profit Nonprofit Organization policy.


Democratic Decisions Website


My ambitions to serve Canada, and earth as a whole, might be best achieved in the long term by establishing the Democratic Decisions Website. A necessary and game changing decision making tool that needs to be developed as a public-private partnership to make sure the vast power of this platform is used appropriately. To learn more, go to Democratic Reform: Democratic Decisions policy or the following article that discusses the Global Debate Website which is very similar and in many cases simpler.


Once cybersecurity competence is reached, it is possible to use this website to replace campaigning for government positions – a major hindrance to the effectiveness of our democracies and a source of negativity for societies in general – by debating policies on the website. Aside from being more effective than verbally debating, the Democratic Decisions Website will be able to identify the best of the best, encourage then to contribute to specific policies and even pay them compensation based on their performance. This is something to get excited about!! Our democratizes can be led forward by experts of individual subjects, rather than those who champion the too often dishonest and irrelevant campaign path into power.


Side Note: Life is a large collection of challenges and finding additional time and money to fully research a candidate and the platform they represent is almost impossible. Political Parties have learned to manipulate voters using marketing strategies that undermine our democracies. Until Democratic Reform is possible, please do what you can to educate yourself before you vote or do not vote at all. Parties with lots of money often use these tactic because they require a lot of money ad they work. Look to the credentials of the candidates, not the charm and attractiveness of their performance.

Serving as a policy writer is a volunteer position. Please donate generously to help fuel my future as a public servant.

Be the change you wish to see in the world and/or

invest in others who are doing so.

Thank you!!




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