An Introduction to Brett A Rogers

         I see myself as a Humanitarian Entrepreneur with strengths in Science, Spirituality, Technology, and Engineering.  Superhuman Strategies emerged as I wrote about the topics I considered important to the evolution of individuals and societies.


After graduating high school in the summer of 1997, I was settling into a full time work routine at my father's engineering company and thinking about going to University.  One day when walking out of my parent's backyard with a beer in my hand, I had a life changing supernatural experience and coinciding thought: "There had to be more to life than this" (seeking self-gratification).  It soon became clear that whatever the meaning of life was, enhancing MIND-body-SPIRIT health and performance would make it easier to identify, as well as achieve. 

I have pursued enlightenment in these subjects almost full time since that day.  This time included 7 years at the University of Saskatchewan and excludes 2-3 years when I needed to earn money.  In 2004, I started writing my first books (The Psychic Energy Reality and The Psychic Anatomy Exercises).  I continued to study, write and develop my MIND-body-SPIRIT health and performance until feeling guided to start self-publishing in 2012, which included 4 other books and 3 DVDs.  As of Oct 2020, I have also published a textbook which took me 3.5 full time years to write; I am getting close to publishing it in its 2nd edition.  It provides a good overview on a topics from my other books while going into detail on diet and lifestyle enhancement techniques from a physical perspective.  It is called Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman: Leading-Edge - Comprehensive - Science-Based.

Writing these books has shaped my intellect in unique and significant ways for facilitating the evolution of individuals and the whole - I offer consulting as a service.  I have several projects I wish to develop that you can learn about here; I have a great passion for directing projects.  In the Epilogue of my textbook, I discuss several other projects, many of which are small enough to be done on a local scale by the average person.

There have been many minor-miracles along the way of building Superhuman Strategies.  Having a wealthy estranged grandfather show up with early inheritance money, his final inheritance, as well as my grandmother's inheritance; all showed up when my bank account was getting low.  I also made some very good investing choices with the final portion I had left that has almost doubled.  I believe I am on a divine mission to help equip individuals and societies for an optimal future for our species and planet, not so much because of how money and other freedoms have manifest, but because of the spirit the drives me forward. 

Being the son of a gifted engineer, I have innovative and inventive thoughts regularly.  With my exposure to so much information, I have collected a many products and marketing ideas that I am saving for when I am in a better position to develop them.  I discuss some of them briefly in my books, mostly in my textbook and here.

I am presently revising my textbook and planning to write a simplified version of it for the general public, as well as revise all of my previous books before committing to a debut marketing tour/campaign.  What I actually do in the near future will depend on opportunity.  I would much rather hire people to take these steps so I can focus on things only I can do.  Please reach out with your interests to get involved and donate (There are a lot of steps to be taken and the first many do not provide (much of) a pay check.  Superhuman Strategies will make the world a better place sooner than later with your help!  If you follow global news stories, I am sure you will agree that sooner is much better than later in several ways (ex. obesity and other Non-Communicable Diseases are significantly on the rise in all age groups, people are not educated on fundamental mind-body-spirit life skills, people of power are not of as high of consciousness as would be optimal, and more)!  Please donate today).

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