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A Personal Introduction to Brett Rogers


         I see myself as a Humanitarian Entrepreneur that has had a lot of opportunities and freedom for self-development and education pursuits - inheritance money coming in 3 times through my Mom plaid a big role.  I think my journey began unconsciously in 1995 when my Mom started sponsoring me to take Meditation, Reiki, Qigong, and similar classes.  It is a common perspective that until you awaken your spiritual aspects, you are essentially Biological Artificial Intelligence.  With Spiritual Awakening, your Soul can more easily influence your mind-body to expand awareness and have intuitive insights more often and with greater clarity.  Note: Most people become more big picture, service and Oneness orientated as they awaken spiritually. 


After graduating high school in the summer of 1997, I was settling into a fulltime work routine at my father's Engineering and Manufacturing Corporation while thinking about going to University.  One day when walking out of my parent's backyard with a beer in my hand, I had a life changing supernatural experience and coinciding thought: "There had to be more to life than this" (seeking self-gratification).  It soon became very clear that whatever the meaning of life was, enhancing mind-body-spirit health and performance would make it easier to identify, as well as to achieve.  I have pursued enlightenment in these subjects almost full time since that day. 


In 1999, I started my 7 year journey at the accomplished University of Saskatchewan studying Engineering Physics, Quantum Chemistry, Physiology, BioChemistry and Neuroscience.  In 2004, I experienced a severe Adrenal Gland Burnout that was triggered by overworking myself, work/career stress, and a janitor sneezing a vicious virus into my face after he had be gone for 2 weeks fighting it - not COVID-19 ;) . This left me bed ridden for 2 weeks in a euphoric state (endorphins), followed 7 months of no immune tolerance and extreme fatigue.  With the techniques I now teach in my textbook, the fatigue and other problems slowly healed until about 2020 when I started to be able to exercise more aggressively again.  I do not consider myself 100% recovered, but I have tolerance again - many never recover from these experiences. 


The Adrenal Gland Burnout experience basically killed my University Career and my potential for any anything else at that time.  It was a good situation for being an author that meditated a lot - very complimentary!  After some recovery time, my I started writing my first books in 2005: The Psychic Energy Reality and The Psychic Anatomy Exercises.  I continued to study, write and develop my mind-body-spirit health and performance until feeling guided to start self-publishing in 2012; this included 4 other books and 3 DVDs. 

This is where things get temporarily sad.  You'd think that life would manifest opportunities for such a powerful piece of writing, and it did, but other happenings happened that derailed me.  Through a 3D Printing Startup, I made a contact that knew of an Editor that was the Secretary for the President of Research at the University of Saskatchewan.  She had strengths in many of the subject in the textbook, including Ethics.  I had the intuitive insight that she would get me a job at the University which was my dream ever since the Graduate School Dean (ignorantly) dismissed our efforts to get me into Graduate School with out an Undergraduate Degree.  Even better than accepted, but an obstacle was still to come!

In the middle of the night, 2 weeks after self-publishing the textbook, I was arrested by 2 Police Officers at my front door.  Aside from having to argue with them to collect some cloths for to me to wear the next day because it was -26C and I was wearing pajamas, it was a professional experience.  The rest of the experience was not!  Cold hearted, (grossly) negligent, and scary.  My neighbor had falsely accused me of Voyeurism, which means I made her feel uncomfortable in her home.  The investigator apparently put a business card in my front door, and when he did not receive a phone call from me, that was enough to have a warrant signed for my arrest.  Landlords need to tape notices to the front door, but an Investigator with the power to have you arrested in the middle of the night, only have to put a tiny business in your door? WTF!  It seems very precarious and grossly stupid to me.  While juggling the psychological stress, anger, financial scarcity, and wanting to keep focusing on this "God Anointed" textbook, I lost my editor, the court case, my sense of trust/safety concerning the Justice System, and sold the mobile home I restored and recently put a second roof over at a 75% discount - my only asset that I had been trying to sell for years - so I could move away.

When I got to my parent's retirement home in Canmore, they were great, and our relationship has been very good ever since.  It took a few years for my mental health to recover - even with all the techniques I knew.  I eventually started revising my textbook to try again, but I developed a severe typing injury about half-way through that felt like a sword was in my back.  I couldn't look down or lay down for weeks at a time when the injury was aggravated, which was very easy to do for the first year or so.  I've got a good handle on it now, but it is not gone.  When I notice it getting sore, it is a major Red Flag to get away from the typing. 


Things get more positive - keep reading ;) .


I eventually felt intuitively guided to get serious about the Stock Market in Dec 2020.  I had recently doubled my money with an eCommerce stock and ETF.  I decided that these stocks had peaked (correct) and looked for other options.  Green Energy, Technology, and Biotechnology were my focus and the most lucrative (and risky) as well.  By Feb 16 2021, I had doubled my money again!!  I loved the Youtube people I was learning from (ex. Meet Kevin) and winning!  Unfortunately, Feb 16th was dooms day for these stocks.  As of Jan 2022, they have been consistently dropping, and it appears clear that they will continue to do so until Feb 10th (CPI numbers come out) or a bit longer (until Fed make a defiant  statement - March 16th meeting perhaps).  I traded in and out as I learned in what can be considered the most difficult market ever experienced thanks to COVID-19.  Today, almost all of my profits are gone.  My trading did save me some loses, and if I invest the remaining cash I have in my Investment Budget at the right time, the rebound could be very lucrative!  I am confident that the stocks I choose will survive the Interest Rates Hikes and thrive into the future, but that could take years.  Until they mature, my overall budget is extremely tight to preserve my independence from the job market!

OK!  Things are going to get more positive now...  I have always felt that I was going to end up in Politics to help lead us into the future.  The purpose of the Government is to nurture the evolution of the people they represent.  My science-based knowledge on mind-body-spirit health and performance enhancement strategies, as well as the attention I gave societal development topics and emerging technology sectors of the Stock Market, makes me an excellent Candidate, right?  Not really.  This vast database of knowledge I carry, and associated skills (discussed more in the Business Version of this article), makes me a good fit to Volunteer as a Policy Writer, so Paid Elected Candidates, often with less comprehension of the Policies, as well as associated Policies and issues, can Verbally Debate with each other to decide if they should be passed.  If you are noticing sarcasm here, its because I think this is an ineffective decision making process.  Luckily, I designed away to improve it when writing God's Journey in 2006!  The Global Debate Website!  The sooner we develop this website, the better FOR SEVERAL REASONS!!  It is a very profitable business model too - $130+ share price potential!

If my business efforts would have been sustainably successful, I would very likely not be volunteering as a Policy Writer and Politics in general right now or in the near future.  This might be the Silver Lining of my life.  All the hardship was to stop me from going off course and perhaps to open my eyes to how things are so I can address them from the perspective of policy and the Global Debate Website.  Today, Candidates are the frontline of putting policies into action, but within 5 years, the Global Debate Website can move this line towards more component individuals and pay them as well! 

Through pain and confusion, it is easy to lose faith, hope and positivity.  When looking back, many understand how life happened for them with greater clarity.  If I one day obtain this clarity is still to be determined - maybe I already have it.  Policy Writing, the Global Debate Website, as well as contributing to and innovating governance in general, is the only thing that makes sense of my past.  I hope you know how important it is for improvements to occur in these crucial facets of our Democracies!  Lots of the ideas I am bringing forward were valuable the day I wrote them down.  Please learn more about my primary Societal Development projects here.


Like many others, I live to serve in the evolution of the whole.  It is fueled by a type of Altruism or Euphoria that many call Divine Union, Samadhi or Shalom; the "Hand of God" brings this state with greater ease.  It is not a selfish desire to experience, although it can be, but rather a knowingness that this is greatest expression I can have.  It is most right for me in the big picture!


It can be hard to forge the human avatar we incarnate into to more fully and sustainably exist in Divine Union.  Its Primative Programing, also known as Biological Artificial Intelligence, pulls us out of resonance with Selfishness, Fear, Lust and Greed.  We overcome this by strengthening the Virtues of Consciousness (ex. Charity, Service, Faith, Knowledge, Wisdom, Detachment, Non-Judgement, Acceptance, Peace, Patience, Service, Compassion, Love and Joy) which is the undisputed statistical reason why the majority of us as Souls incarnate in the first place.  Earth is an exercise program for our Soul - Consciousness.  We will go through many experiences without Shalom, but it appears certain, that if we persist with our intentions of doing what is right, that we will breakthrough and exist in a greater state of Divine Union than before.  This is the most common definition of Spiritual Ascension, Enlightenment, and Soul Growth I know of.  

Today, I still do a lot of meditating and Yoga, often in the mountain forest beside my parents house where I live.  I help my parents maintain their house and yard.  Teach Psychic Anatomy Yoga and related practices at a local studio spa (Positive Healing), as well as serve as a Spiritual Facilitator (Laying on of Hands mostly) and Mind-Body-Spirit Coach.  Policy Writing is just starting up with the Green Party of Alberta; I am really liking the overall group - good and competent people.  I am feeling more confident and positive for the future as the "Hand of God" presence returns to my life for the first time since the night I was arrested. 



Looking back, my expectations to make a business of my works might have been inappropriate, but not necessarily in vein (learnings for the future).  I always knew there was one more book to write, and when I got offered an opportunity to house sit on the edge of a small Saskatchewan prairie town (Delisle) in 2014, I started researching for my 7th book.  I prayed often for God's Will to be expressed through this book.  Several of the societal development comments still give me the Presence of God feeling - as do a few of the research projects and theories.  One of these societal development comments (project) was to create this book to lay a foundation for innovating the Pubic K-12 School Curriculum to teach Life Skills as a top priority (article).  It took me 3.5 full time years to write - self-published in Nov 2017!  It provides a good overview on all topics from my other books, while being comprehensive on science-based physical strategies of health and performance enhancement; mind development is well covered as well.  It is my textbook: Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman: Leading-Edge - Comprehensive - Science-Based.

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