I see myself as a Humanitarian Entrepreneur with strengths in Science, Spirituality, Technology, and Engineering.  Superhuman Strategies emerged as I wrote about the topics important to the evolution of individuals and societies.


After graduating high school in the summer of 1997, I was settling into a full time work routine at my father's engineering business and thinking about going to University.  One day when walking out of my parent's backyard with a beer in my hand, I had a life changing supernatural experience and coinciding thought: "There had to be more to life than this" (seeking self-gratification).  It soon became clear that whatever the meaning of life was, enhancing MIND-body-SPIRIT health and performance would make it easier to identify, as well as achieve. 

I have pursued enlightenment in these subjects almost full time since that day.  This time included 7 years at the University of Saskatchewan and excludes 2-3 years when I needed to earn money.  In 2004, I started writing my first books (The Psychic Energy Reality and The Psychic Anatomy Exercises).  I continued to study, write and develop my MIND-body-SPIRIT health and performance until feeling guided to start self-publishing in 2012, which included 4 other books and 3 DVDs.  As of Jan 2018, I published my first textbook which took me 3.5 full time years to write.  It provides a good overview on a topics from my other books while going into detail on diet and lifestyle enhancement strategies from a physical perspective: Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman: Leading-Edge - Comprehensive - Science-Based.

Writing these books has shaped my intellect in unique and significant ways for facilitating the evolution of individuals and the whole.  I have several projects I wish to develop that you can learn about here; I have great passion for directing projects.  In the Epilogue of my textbook, I discuss several other projects, many of which are small enough to be done on a local scale by the average person.

There have been many minor-miracles along the way of building Superhuman Strategies.  Having a wealthy estranged grandfather show up with early inheritance money, his final inheritance, as well as my grandmother's inheritance; all showing up when my bank account was getting low.  I believe I am on a divine mission to help equip individuals and societies for an optimal future as a for profit non-profit corporation.

I am presently preparing to revise many of my books before committing to a debut marketing tour campaign.  Please reach out if you would like to be involved.  Donations are appreciated.

Be the change you wish to see in the world and/or

invest into those who are more directly doing so.

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