This is the first book I wrote (finalized in 2003).  Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman (finalized Nov 2017) provides an excellent overview of its subjects using a few key references that are within it.


The Psychic Energy Reality is an important book for those seeking truth about reality, spiritual enlightenment, psychic abilities and more. It discusses topics familiar with most people and expands upon them using traditional and scientific references to support the ideas discussed. An amazing read for first time explorers of psychic and spiritual concepts, a must for all who engage in a psychic or spiritual practice! The information on psychic anatomy will inspire you and the references convince you that they are real and important to your and our evolution.


Brett A. Rogers has studied and practiced in these fields since 1995 and has developed a psychic energy practice called Psychic Anatomy Exercises that utilize the information in this book. He teaches this practice in it entirety with his book The Psychic Anatomy Exercises and partially in most of his other books.

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