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THE SECRET TO MY SUCCESS as a Pain Relief Healer is my Open the Flow Method that frees psychological tension/stagnation from my patient’s mind and body so that their natural healing and rejuvenative energies can flow more easily. Ahhhh! Aside from making pain go away and feeling less stuck in life, this also makes it easier for the mind-body to function, improving anti-aging processes, clarity and joy in fundamental ways. I can say a lot more about how this works.


The Open and Flow Method targets key entry and exist points of the body before moving onto the spine and other parts that tend to have more significant energy blocks. This results in the tougher energy blocks releasing more easily and completely; this is when what I call Minor-Miracles occur. A lovely experience!


Using the right modalities is only a part of the equation! Knowing how to use them in each moment of a treatment is an important skill that can take Healers many years to master – I started in 1995!


You do not have to live with mind-body pain or diseases caused by an accumulation of stagnant psychological energies. I can help you release them and have more everyday beautiful and uplifting experiences!


I realize that I can help many people who are new to the concepts of healing in these ways! Please come at half price to give it a try, and do not pay anything if benefits are not noticed.  Everybody notices and loves it!



New clients need 1.5 hours: $110


One-hour treatments: $85


Get your 5th hour free until Nov 30th!


House Calls in Canmore: $20




Please send a message to arrange a phone call so I can ask you a few questions, and I’ll get you in as soon as I can.

Golden Chakra
Golden Chakra



Brett is an incredible Healer! I felt so relaxed and cared for during the treatment, and impressed by his intuitive awareness which gave me insights. I felt wonderful afterwards! I even had what he called a Minor Miracle occur with my right hip that had been bothering me for years!  After the treatment I noticed the stickiness and discomfort was gone; it is still noticeably better a week later! I greatly look forward to my 2nd session with Brett!

Holly Blazina


Brett has the ability to sense your soul. I am grateful for the way he tuned into me and worked to help both with my body’s aches and pains as well as caring for my emotion state of being. Brett is like an antenna to the divine! He is able to channel light and wellbeing through him to you with a lot of skill and awareness. I recommend treatments by Brett. 

Nicole Fougere 


I have just enjoyed the most relaxing yet energizing (20 minute) hand treatment from Brett Rogers. A quiet meditative treatment that got rid of held tension and left me feeling calm and pleasant.

Louis Butler 

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Whether from the most imperceptible of touches to full hands-on, each carried with it equal power to facilitate deep releases and healing from within me, often eliminating pain, anxiety and stuck energy, sometimes from my distant past. I can feel the sacred space created when working with Brett - something unique and not always felt when working with other healers.  I find Brett to be a very pure and strong channel of healing energies. I feel very safe in his care.

Karen MacBeth


I came wanting to engage more with my spiritual path, not really knowing what to expect from the treatment. I could feel the energy, especially a few times, and at the end I felt more present in the moment (“in the Now”), calm, and coherent. Thank you, Brett :)




I was amazed at how good, calm and clear I felt after the treatment, especially my hands that have arthritis. I believe Brett is a gifted healer and highly recommend him!

Caroline Wilson



Please send a message to arrange a phone call so I can ask you a few questions, and I’ll get you in as soon as I can.

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