My perspective is that everything in life gets easier with better overall mind-body-spirit health and performance. Whether it is the pursuit of happiness, financial power, leading others, feeling and looking younger, losing weight, preventing disease or simply keeping your life organized and caught up, optimizing yourself in these ways makes you more capable to achieve any goal!


Coaching/Consulting is based on my well researched science-based books, particularly my textbook which is almost in its 2nd Edition!  Whether you are interested in getting your own life optimized or that of your employees, my knowledge-base will help.  Sessions can be as simply as us having a meeting.  For faster results, I suggest you fill out my Intake Form which will help me learn more about you so I can provide guidance more quickly.  

Individual Sessions


$150/55min or $80/25min    



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Booking Appointments

I am accepting appointments Monday-Saturday at the following Mountain Times:

10am - 1pm, 3pm - 5pm, and 7pm - 9pm


Please contact through this website and include your phone number so we can choose an appointment time and payment method.  Payments can be made by sending me an email transfer or I can email you a PayPal Invoice that you can pay with credit card or debit.



Get a the 1st Edition Textbook in paperback for $40 with any session; upgrade to the hardcover version for an additional $30.

The sooner you start enhancing your

mind-body-spirit health and performance,

the sooner you will have a better foundation to thrive upon!

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