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The Psychic Anatomy Exercises are a set of meditative exercises that empower the health and performance of our psychic anatomy (ex. chakras, aura, meridians, nadis, tan tien, hara and more). This enhances our emotional, mental and of course psychic health and performance, giving us greater awareness and control of ourself and the psychic energies around us. Intuition is a special type of psychic energy awareness that has tremendous advantages to the decision rich lifestyles many of us lead. Being more aware of our intuitive feelings helps us sense when something will or will not work before investing time and energy into trying.


Our psychic anatomy interfaces with our physical body in many ways. This is the mind-body-spirit connection. As the health and performance of our psychic anatomy increases or decreases, our body reflects this. Psychic Anatomy Exercises enhances our physical health and performance by reducing the presence of unhealthy psychic energies within us and empowering the healthier ones.


The Psychic Anatomy Exercises can be considered a modernized version of Qigong, Energy Healing, Tai Chi and some forms of Yoga. These changes are the result of the research and experiences of Brett A Rogers, which are discussed in his book The Psychic Energy Reality. Mr. Rogers has published 3 books in total with more soon to be released.

To look inside and purchase a physical copy or eBook, please find it on your local Amazon website. 

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