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This DVD uses special effects to show psychic energies (aka. energy, prana, sakti, chi) and psychic anatomy (ex. nadis, chakras, aura, tan tien) during 3 Psychic Anatomy Yoga routines.  The techniques and concepts in this DVD are commented upon with the vioce-over audio.  Based on extensive research into psychic energy practices and the scientific studies that involve them, these routines are deisnged to help develop your psychic and spiritual abilities, such as the awareness and control of psychic energies, as well as your physical, emotional and mental health and performance indirectly.

Table of Contents


Rouotine 1: Aura Upgrade Part 1, 10min, Psychic Anatomy Exercise routine: This routine starts with a General Alignment, followed by an arm warm-up and then Descending from the Core Star to the Aura.  

Routine 2: Aura Upgrade Part 2, 20min, Psychic Anatomy Exercise routine: Continues from part 1 by receiving from the the Soul Gates and then Descending to the first region of the Aura.  It then Embraces Earth, while Ascending from the 1st region to the Core Star, Embraces Heaven and Descends back to the 1st region.  A powerful cycle of exercises!  

Routine 3: Sun Salutations with Standing Cobra, 46min, Psychic Anatomy Yoga routine:  This great routine starts with spine awakening asanas, followed by Sun Salutation series.  When moving from Forward Fold to Standing between each sequence within the Sun Salutations, a Heaven and Earth Exercise is done, followed by a Psychic Anatomy Exercise while standing.  First the Vessel and Meridian Exercises are done when standing, then Aura Exercise at the end of the next sequence, followed by Hara Exercise and finally Core Star Exercise.  The routine continues with many asanas that contain Heaven and Earth Exercises.  It ends with Ying-Yang during Chakra/Aura Exercise and then a Heaven and Earth Exercise with Tan Tien Exercise.  

Routine 4: Marga Bohda, 8min, Psychic Anatomy Exercise routine: A beautiful routine that starts with connecting to the Core Star, Smooth Movements, Heaven Earth Exercises and a General Alignment.  Lots of periodic empowering with Heaven and Earth Exercises, heart/4th chakra and the tan tien for getting really grounded in and powering up the psychic energies that help us live to your fullest potential already apart of us.  At about 7 mins into the routine, the heart/4th chakra has a release/awakens, followed by the empowerment of the Core Star and Soul Seat to spread their influence into your aura, facilitating the next step in your evolution.  These energies are then empowered by Embracing Earth to end the routine. 

Total time: 84 min.

To look learn more about this DVD, please find it on your local Amazon website; also see the videos below.

Highlights from Psychic Anatomy Yoga DVDs

Sample Chapter from Psychic Anatomy Yoga Vol 2

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