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This book discusses the topics of personal and collective evolution, as well as provides steps to help move you and the whole in this direction. Many topics are just introduced with references and guidance for learning more, while others are discussed in more depth. The topics surrounding emotional and mental energies (aka. psychic energies) are revisited several times as important and unique factors to optimizing your personal and our collective evolution while other topics are being discussed. The statements regarding these energies are an eye opener to the importance of this part of reality that many of are only partially aware of or not at all.

Comments are logical and religiously neutral. There is discussion on a perspective of reality that is commonly agreed upon by spiritually minded people. This perspective is not needed for the guidance in this book, but it does set a simple foundation for appreciating the the Meaning of Life.

This book, along with his others are valuable sources of information and guidance for living to your fullest potential as individuals and collectively.

To look inside and purchase a physical copy or eBook, please find it on your local Amazon website.  

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