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Inner and Outer Success is a self-help book that teaches the best of conventional self-help techniques while incorporating meditative techniques and Psychic Anatomy Exercises. The meditative techniques and Psychic Anatomy Exercises help empower healthy psychic energies within you, which causes a detox of unhealthy psychic energies associated with your inner issues (ex. unhealthy emotions and thoughts).  It will help to empower you in several ways to facilitate the healing/neutralizing of inner issues. This and related psychic energy phenomenon are being explored in several sub-fields of psychology and medicine, such as Energy Psychology.

Techniques for self-exploration, improving self-awareness, living simply, managing relationships, managing yourself and enhancing your physical health are also discussed in regards to conventional self-help techniques and those of Energy Psychology. The potential of psychic energies to enhance your health and performance has been known since the beginning of recorded time, but only recently has it been met with academic research, resulting in incredible advancements on how to use them.

To look inside and purchase a physical copy or eBook, please find it on your local Amazon website. 

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