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Online Courses

         I have made, and are making, Online Courses for the most fundamental and important topics from my book: Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman.   


Remember to use the links below when purchasing and sharing these courses because the websites that host them will pay me more when you do. Thank you!



Ready to go

STEP 1 - How & Why to Minimally Drink Water and Exercise for Maximum Benefits

STEP 2 - How & Why to Improve Digestion

STEP 3 - Why Living Foods are Healthiest & How the Best Ways to Eat Them

STEP 4 - Perfecting Protein and Digestion

STEP 5 - The Crucial Importance of Cleansing


In the works

STEP 6 - Getting to Know Your Supernatural Self

STEP 7 - Harmonizing Hormones and Healthily Enhancing Vitality

STEP 8 - Relationship and Communication Skills

Incredible Immunity

Perfecting Pregnancy

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Your mind-body-spirit

health and performance is the

foundation of your life!

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