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Psychic Anatomy Yoga is similar to Kundalini and Tantra Yogas. The difference is that Psychic Anatomy Yoga is designed to enhance the health and performance of all your psychic anatomy and physical body, in general and specific ways, specifically psychic/spiritual abilities. Psychic Anatomy Yoga is based in extensive traditional and scientific research involving psychic energy practices and psychic anatomy. Science has brought us a long way in confirming the historical ideas on these subjects. Of great importance are the confirmations concerning two very important parts of psychic anatomy. The Aura/Halo/Biofield and Meridians/Nadis. Science has also confirmed the effectiveness of psychic energy practices for enhancing their health and performance.  Psychic Anatomy Yoga takes all this information and teaches a progressive program to help you develop yourself physically and especially psychically/spiritually. Psychic Anatomy Yoga is awesome!

To look inside and purchase a physical copy or eBook, please find it on your local Amazon website.

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