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Why & How to Replace Forprofits with

Nonprofits for a More Utopian Future


Other people’s Greed is literally holding the health, and performance of the majority of lives hostage, as well as the planet’s. This is being achieved by mega-rich individuals and their allies that control Mega-Corporations (less than 1% of the population controls more than 99% of the wealth), utilizing their accumulative extreme power in the economy, our governments, and aboard. We can change this unfair and unhealthy situation by choosing Nonprofits over Forprofits when we make purchases. A key reason why this will work is that Nonprofits can only give employees 250,000 CAD/year (varies depending on where they are located), while Forprofits have no limit, resulting payouts exceeding 10 million/year and a lot of motivation to do destructive things if necessary. An even more significant reason is that Nonprofits must invest 60% of their profits into Societal Development Projects, while Forprofits can do what they want. This is A LOT of money once the economy is dominated by Nonprofits! Developing a Forprofit Nonprofit Organization, as well as allowing Nonprofits to be on Stock Exchanges (some regions have already done this) will greatly help Nonprofits takeover an economy. The details of why, and how we can build a more Utopian future using Nonprofits is the focus of this article. 

Maybe you’ve learned enough and are ready to sign the ePetition*, join the Email List, share this article and corresponding video widely, volunteer (Logistics, Business, Business Law, Law, Lobbying, Internet, Marketing, and/or Funding experts are needed, even if it is just for feedback) or donate? If not, that’s ok – there is lots of good content below! 


* The Paper and ePetition are different; you can sign both.


Section 1: Defeating the Oppression of Other People’s Greed

You might have seen that Grocery and other forms of “Greedflation” are getting attention from governments around the world recently. In general, Greedflation is when the mega-rich work together to avoid competing as they increase prices in the shadows beyond what is expected to be normal. Is this fair? Is this constructive to the evolution of humanity? If it was, governments around the world would not be trying to figure out how to regulate these happenings. Luckily, there is a solution that has multiple additional benefits that will blow your socks off, so keep reading. 

You may think of Nonprofits as some sort of a Charity that relies on grants and donations to sustain themselves, but this is not true. Nonprofits can sell products and services the same way Forprofit Corporations do, but Nonprofit Corporations have a few important restrictions on how they use their money that significantly suppresses Greedflation, as well as other acts of greed that oppress the mind-body health and performance of the Majority, such as using low quality and sometimes toxic ingredients in food, beverage, and industrial processes when they do not have to for an extra 10% to distribute to as bonuses.  An act of greed that causes a lot of Greenhouse Gases, as well as other pollutants, is making products that are intended to fail after the warranty expires (ex. Household Appliances – replacing Refrigerators are a major source of Greenhouse Gases).  Chapter 16 of the textbook Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman (on Amazon) provides an excellent overview of these and related subjects, referencing many scientific studies to validate its content.  

One of these financial restrictions is that Nonprofits can only pay 250,000 CAD per year per person, while Forprofits have no limit. This results in a few individuals on top of Forprofit Mega-Corporations collecting 10’s of millions or more per year. This is the most powerful force of greed that is accumulatively degrading our societies and planet as a whole! When there is no personal gain to be had, extorting people (ex. Greedflation), especially during times of struggle, is much less likely. Polluting the environment, making low quality products and services, corrupting our governments, anti-humanitarian acts in general, and other greed motivated choices decrease in probability as well. 

With no personal gain coming from building Nonprofit Mega-Corporations, power is distributed among more companies, which is a more Democratic situation; other Democratic benefits discussed in PART 2. It also results in more, and higher paying jobs as Artificial Intelligence and Automation continue to replace them.  

I hope it is clear that most fundamental struggles for the majority of humans are coming from other people’s greed, particularly that of Mega-Corporations that are owned by less than 1% of the pollution (the Mega-Rich) that appear to be working together in the shadows, as well as corrupting our governments when necessary. Many people in our governments have been trying to make Democracies work more for the Majority under the extreme power and mental intelligence of these individuals, but success has yet to be reached and the future looks grim on their end.  

However, on our end, the end that is the backbone of the economy and societies as a whole (the Majority), we can build our businesses as Nonprofits, receiving funding from governments and charitable individuals to replace Forprofits that have proven unable to make enough good decisions for the Majority with the (extreme) power they cultivate. I am compassionate to the pressures these privileged individuals contend with, but that does not change reality. We need to work together to as quickly as possible to turn the tide before more harm is done to the Majority and the planet. 

Please take a moment to reflect on the information above because there is one more VERY IMPORTANT benefit to a Nonprofit Dominated Economy that will do more than blow your socks off! 


Section 2: Evolution on Steroids 

Forprofits can do what they want with their profits, motivating the many acts of greed discussed in Part 1. However, Nonprofits are required to invest 60% of their profits back into society. This is a lot of money once an economy is dominated by Nonprofits. So much money that it will drastically improve the quality of Free-Healthcare, Free-Education2, Academic Research, Environmental Protection and Restoration, Food, Water and Air Security, Recycling (of scarce resources), Space Colonization and Transportation (mining), helping foreign countries, and much more. This money is controlled by a much larger number of individuals compared to how our tax dollars are used - and misused - today, truing our Democracy. It only took one small paragraph to describe this last benefit, but by no means is it a small one! 

If you are thinking that Nonprofits can still fall to the temptations of greed, you are right, but it is a lot harder for them to do so compared to a Forprofit, and it can be made even harder. One method to suppress acts of greed is with a Forprofit Nonprofit Organization to monitor financial activity of Nonprofits that register to carry a Forprofit Nonprofit Ranking (I’ll explain what this is below). 

Definition: A Forprofit Nonprofit (FN) is a Nonprofit that aims to become financially independent of gifted money and carries a FN Ranking. 

This organization will do many things, but let's focus on something close to the hearts and minds of consumers. After all, convincing consumers to buy the same product or service of the same quality for the same price and shipping speed from a Nonprofit rather than a Forprofit should be easy once they comprehend the extreme benefits of doing so. A primary purpose of this organization is to educate consumers on these benefits. In Part 3, I will discuss my present perspective for achieving this quickly, effectively, and profitably. 

The Forprofit Nonprofit Organization (FNO) will monitor the expenses of Nonprofits that carry the Forprofit Nonprofit Ranking (FNR%) to inform consumers the percentage of their expenses that go towards other Nonprofits. A low percentage means most of their expenses go towards Forprofits, and a high percentage means it's mostly going towards other Nonprofits. This is an important concept that will include how they invest 60% of their profits as required by law. The FNO website will contain other details as well, such as employee compensation, environmental impact, and what is being done with their 60%. This information, particularly the FNR%, will give consumers more confidence that their purchases are in fact being used to make the world a better place, as well as how. 

Other tasks of the FNO are discussed in the Epilogue, such as helping FNs compete with Forprofits, regulating the FN economy to ensure it is working together until most Forprofits have been replaced and then allowing FN competition to carry out naturally, as well as protecting FNs from potential (illegal) manipulative business tactics of Mega-Corporations.  

Democratic Countries are to serve the Majority and use excess to support the evolution of foreign countries. A Nonprofit Dominated Economy will allow us to do this much better than the present situation! We are talking about A LOT of money and a truing of our Democracies once economies have sufficiently transitioned. If you are not excited, I suspect that you do not fully comprehend what has been presented. If this is you, please reflect and read Parts 1 & 2 again. Maybe you have concerns with the concept? If you do, please read the Epilogue (PART 5) because it will discuss several important details. 

We can, and will, make an economy where greed motivated decisions that burden the evolution of the Majority are largely reduced in the equations of Economic Success, creating an environment where Noble Businesses can thrive more easily, as well as the Majority in general. We have identified a powerful way to build a much more Utopian Existence on Earth! Get excited, get involved (Spread the word - Logistics, Business, Business Law, Law, Lobbying, Internet, Marketing, and/or Funding experts are needed, even if it is just for feedback), sign the ePetition, join the Email List, and donate if you can. 

The rest of this article will discuss details about how we get from where we are today, to a Nonprofit Dominated Economy and flourishing Global Society.  


Section 3: The Game PLan

You can read the rest of this article as its most recent edition at the following OneDrive Cloud location.

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