Soul-Self Awakening Group

The awakening of the Divine Spark within you, the piece of your soul that has incarnated to be unified with the human mind-body that is you, is the most important of all spiritual practices! It is the ultimate goal of Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment! With a strong connection to your soul, and beyond with practice, you can more easily be held in the field of energy that blesses you, as well as channel blessings for others. Whether that is for healing, learning, or growing in power, your soul can more readily influence your mind-body in a positive way.


Many spiritual teachers, as well as myself for many years, taught techniques that focused less on the soul and more on external spiritual forces. There are some very powerful and beautiful spirits in this universe, but in general, the blessings they bring can only influence you when you are connected to them. Maintaining a connection outside of a meditative state is challenging for multiple reasons, the most important being vitality and safety.

When you connect externally, you open yourself up in a way that makes it easier for other spirits to connect to you, especially after the benevolent spirit you were aware of disconnects from you. Learning to close yourself off is a good skill for external spiritual practices, but it does not protect you for spirits that have hidden agendas. As the connection to your soul increases, it gets easier to discern the authenticity of spirits with the help of your soul's presence.  Aside from Gaia, who has an intimate connection to the human mind-body - it is of Gaia - only groups of advanced students will explore working with external spirits (ex. Angels, Ascended Masters, Elementals, fields of collective consciousness, and more) to help enhance the quality of your life and that of others.  First things first!  Note: Developing your connection to Gaia is needed for achieving significant soul power.


The process of Soul-Self Awakening is based on my extensive research and experience with the anatomy of the human psyche: Psychic Anatomy - also known as Spiritual or Energetic Anatomy. Your soul incarnates a piece of itself, which I call the Core Star – the deepest part of you as a human. It brings with it a Hara System, which the Core Star projects into to influence your mind-body, first through the Aura, and then into the Meridian System, and finally into the physical body. In this group, you will learn about these systems, how they work, how to enhance their individual and collective harmony, balance, purity, and strength (lots of cultivation techniques), and most importantly, how to facilitate the descension of energy/blessings from your Core Star into them.


Note: Life-Between-Life hypnotic research concludes that 1-3% of a person's soul incarnates at one; some spiritual teachings say this along this line as well.  Many people with Near Death Experiences testify that the divine presence many call God, is actually the totality of their soul revealing itself.  The techniques in this group will help you experience more of the totality of your soul, as you benefit by it becoming more integrated into your life.

In this group you will also learn to become more aware of different types of energy, your psychic anatomy, Gaia, your Soul, and how to work with them, setting a foundation that will make all spiritual practices easier to do well

Get involved with the next Level 1 class series to grow with the quality and quantity of energy a spiritual group creates!


Note: If you are new to these types of practices or feel that a private session would help you, consider seeing me for a treatment where facilitate your soul’s efforts to bless you using the skills I have been developing since 1995.


In-person classes will be held at Positive Healing in Canmore at a TBD date and time

Online participation costs the same as in-person


4 x 1.5 hour Level 1 class series is $100 - includes handout

Once you complete Level 1, you can come to any future class for $20 or $50/4!

Note: If you are one of many spiritual devotees that I call call Big Field Lightworkers and are struggling to get by financially, feel free to let me know and I will try to accommodate you. 

Optimizing your psychic anatomy is crucial for doing this needed service in a safe and effective way.