8 Steps to Success

      The information and strategies in this course have been shown in numerous scientific studies to help prevent and reverse many common mind-body health problems, as well as enhance overall health and performance well beyond what is considered normal; discussed in my textbook.  A few skills are taught each week, why they are important, and how they work.  Only learning a few strategies per week allows you to adapt your lifestyle to use them between classes without getting overwhelmed by too much information and change.  Knowing why techniques are taught helps motivate adaption.  There will be a Facebook Group for students to post questions between classes.

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There are presently no 8 Steps to Success classes scheduled.  When they are provided, they will be live and online.  They will cost $12/class or $80 for all 8.  Please share your interest with others (share buttons below) and with this website to encourage a class to be started.


Note: Superhuman Coaching will provide you with much of the same information and more, but will delivery it to you specifically and well as with complementary guidance that is unique for you.

Disclaimer: Although many of the health and performance techniques I teach have been found to reverse multiple diseases and disorders in scientific studies, I am not teaching them for this purpose and recommend you involve medical experts if you have a disease or disorder when working with me.  

Course Outline

Remember, studies show that developing many of the skills below makes a significant difference to a person's overall inner and outer success later in life, as well as the success of their children.


Part 1 Clean Insides


  • Cleaner insides makes it easier for your body to function

    • Toxins are everywhere

  • Fresh grocery store herbs and spices

  • (Raw) Fruits and vegetables

  • Water

  • Minimal exercise requirements

  • Stretching

  • Digestion

  • Aging


Part 2 Digestion


  • Digestion is fundamental to good health

    • Antacid and laxatives can degrade health

  • Genotype/Blood-Type diets

  • Food combining

  • Periodic movement

  • Natural and supplemental sources of vitamins and minerals

  • Sea salt and table salt

  • Common mineral deficiencies

  • The healthiest way to cook food


Part 3 Living Food


  • (Raw) Living foods are the most healthy for many reasons

  • Processed foods are unhealthy and sometimes ok

  • Blood alkalinity and electrons

  • Organic vs industrial fruits and vegetables

  • Vitagenes/Maintenance Genes

  • Gut microbiome, fermentation and probiotics


Part 4 Protein and Cleansing


  • Environmental and dietary problems with meat

  • Processed meat

  • Cooking meat

  • Good non-meat protein sources

  • Fermented dairy

  • Sprouting

  • Vitagene stimulation

  • Cleansing your body of stuck meat

  • Cleansing


Part 5 Cleansing and Psychology


  • Mind-Body-Spirit benefits of cleansing

    • Some are very important!

  • Progressive and inexpensive techniques for cleansing

  • Cleansing kits

  • Exercise, stretching and saunas

  • Psychological detox

  • Nature, electrons and air quality

  • Meditative practices are easier to do and more effective during a (deep) cleanse


Part 6 Your Supernatural Self


  • Physical, psychological, psychic, and spiritual benefits of meditation

  • Cultivating psychic energies (also known as chi/qi, prana, ki, life force, spiritual energies, energy)

    • Psychic Anatomy

  • Quick Coherence technique

    • Quick Coherence with hands exercise

  • Intuition and discernment


Part 7 Harmonizing Hormones


  • Optimizing meal, exercise, sauna, rest and sleep routines

  • Sleep quality

  • Adrenal glands

    • Adrenal supplements

  • Thyroid gland

    • Thyroid supplement


Part 8 Psychological Development


  • The nervous system, especially the advanced parts of your brain, benefit the most from overall health enhancement

  • Stress

  • Male-female conflicts

  • Stress resilience skills and Centenarians

  • Realistic Optimism

  • Altruism

  • Review of psychic energies

  • Blessing yourself and others

    • A heart and brain exercise

  • Brain/Nervous system supplements

  • Brain development games