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An Introduction to Psychic Energies


Psychic energies (aka. the energies of your psyche/consciousness) have been known for thousands of years in many cultures around the world. The best examples are Ayurveda from India and Traditional Chinese Medicine from China. All of these traditions have different names for psychic energies, such as Prana in India, Qi/Chi in China and Ki in Japan. In academic circles, these energies are better known as Subtle Energies, Emotional and Mental Energies (Psychic Energies), and more.

These traditions have different, similar and the same ideas about psychic energies and related subjects. As globalization developed, these ideas found each other and better understandings are emerging. Academia has been slowly investigating these subjects over the years and is presently starting to recognize them as important because of well designed studies and the development of technologies that can observe psychic energies. I discuss these studies and technologies in my books The Psychic Energy Reality and Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman.


How psychic energies are controlled is agreed to be by the focusing of attention. For example, if you give your attention to experiences, affirmations or visualizations of love and acceptance, you will attract the healthy psychic energies associated with them. If you give your attention to hate, fear or jealousy, you attract unhealthy ones. The more you attract/cultivate, the more powerful they become as your subconscious mind. For example, the more you give your attention to love and acceptance, it will be easier to have more loving and accepting thoughts and emotions.

Table of cultures names for psychic ener

The psychic energies you attract also attract everything attached to them, such as people, experiences, things and more (everything has these energies associated with them to some degree). You may have recognized unique patterns in your life or someone else's, such as always getting involved with the same/similar type of people or experiences. These examples suggest that something is influencing these things to happen. This 'something' is very arguably psychic energies.


Your psychology, such as Optimistic or Pessimistic qualities, plays an important role in consciously and unconsciously attracting and empowering these energies within and around you. Some people have very ingrained patterns that make it hard for them to gain the benefits of healthy psychic energies and decrease the influence of unhealthy ones. My book Inner and Outer Success: The Best of Conventional Self-Help with New Energy Psychology Techniques will help you to identify these patterns and change them, helping to optimize the health and performance of your psychology and life in general. (Note: Energy Psychology is the academic study of combining psychic energy techniques with psychological ones; the results are often superior!)


The power of psychic energies goes beyond influencing your psychology and attracting/repelling people, experiences, and other things into/from your life. When strong enough, they can affect your physical health and performance as well. This is an example of the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection which is studied scientifically as Psychosomatics. Strong and healthy psychic energies help promote physical health and performance, while unhealthy ones oppress it.


The most common physical symptoms of strong unhealthy psychic energies are general aches and pains, muscle and ligament tension, headache, and digestive discomforts/problems. When they get really strong, all sort of disorders can arise that will often change as symptoms are successfully treated. Treating a symptom in this situation can be compared to blocking the path of least resistance. Once blocked, the unhealthy psychic energies will find another path, causing a new symptom(s).


I have investigated the science behind how these energies influence the physical body for many years. In my book Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman, I provide the most recent arguments supported by many scientific studies.  The leading perspective in my opinion is that psychic energies cause the electromagnetic fields of molecules to vibrate, which influences the bioelectromagnetic systems of the body altering its health and performance in physical ways.


Note: I teach 3 practices for making you healthier and more powerful with psychic energies. If you wish to explore them, I recommend this article.

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