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Many of the problems in society come from the funneling of money into the hands of the very rich who do not pay their fair share in taxes. This has resulted in 1% of the population controlling 99% of the wealth, inflation, poverty, financial scarcity, crimes motivated by poverty and scarcity, crimes motivated by greed, and much more. Taxing them fairly means government services and programs can be funded better, the economy can be better stimulated by government efforts, government debts can be paid off more easily, and a lot of other benefits for the other 99% of the population.

Did you know that there used to be a limit on how much wealth a person could obtain? This was probably put in place to prevent   many   of  the  problems  we  are

Mega Rich = Mega Tax

experiencing today. There are also multiple tax loopholes that allow the rich and mega rich to pay less and no taxes. I believe corruption removed the wealth cap and prevents its return as well as the closing of tax loopholes.  These topics are of core concern for an optimal future for the majority.  Some say these problems are at the core of the problems on our planet.  As an author of these subjects, it is clear to me that this is true.  

I like NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh's concept of placing a 1% tax on net-wealth over 20 millions dollars.  I will take it further and suggest an additional 1% for every 10 million after that as well (2% at 30 million, etc), increasing to 1% on every 5 million after the 100 million mark (10% at 105 million).  This will very significantly increase the financial power of our governments to do good for the people they represent (the majority) without significantly harming the quality of life of these very-rich individuals.


I also think it would be wise to use a universal tax exponential equation, rather than categories. The more money you collect per year, the more tax you pay.  This can start with 100 million dollars being the maximum amount per year before 100% tax is applied; decreasing by 1.5 million every year until it reaches 50 million; corrected for inflation.  This curve would start at 0% tax for full time minimum wage.  This will discourage the hoarding of money in non-taxable accounts, making it easier for the government to collect tax dollars to do good with.  If people are really against paying taxes, they can maximize their donation options.  Note: Being able to write-off tax-free investment loses needs to stop; doing so will also encourage people to let their money be taxed.

Corporations are considered legal entities, which allows those who control them to escape accountability and still profit by their actions.  As legal entities, they need to be taxed on their profits before bonuses are paid out.  

Another good idea is to set a net-wealth cap at 1 billion dollars, requiring all additional wealth be donated to Charities and Non-Profits (not the government: motivates corruption/favors).  This way, people can still experience the satisfaction of having some control over the money they have earned.  Every year, this amount can decrease by 3 million until it reaches 450 million; corrected for inflation.  This way, there is less excitement surrounding the transition.

I would also like to see Charities and Non-Profits put into 3 categories (bronze, silver and gold) and the percentage of tax-deducted from donations dictated by this.  For example, bronze 30%, silver 60% and gold 90%.  Categorization can be determined by: 


- Low cost of operation to good works ratio


- The priority their projects serve in the evolution of the nation/humanity

The Global Debate Website (GDW) can play an effective role in debating and innovating the ideas above, related ones, concepts in general, and much more.  It is A MASTER TOOL FOR MAKING GOOD DECISIONS efficiently!


The Global Debate Website (GDW)

I have been designing the Global Debate Website (GDW) since 2006. With its spectrum of voting options and rules that Artificial Intelligence and users help enforce to ensure posts and comments are brief and informative, documents, presentations and videos can be uploaded and debated by a very large number of people much more quickly, frugally and effectively compared to conventional methods.  


When a consensus is reached, uploads can be finalized, made public, and/or submitted to 3rd parties for further debating and feedback (ex. submitting an environmental or human rights concern to a company or government department).  There are already some laws in place that require a formal response to such submissions.  Where not, this website will encourage that they are created.  Presently, business and government individuals use many tactics to avoid being held accountable, such as being vague, misleading, dishonest, negligent and bribery.   This website makes

it much harder for them to use these tactics and easier for lawyers to point to evidence if the courts need to get involved. 

Note: Although the GDW will be free to use, it can be made very profitable beyond selling conventional target marketing.  User's develop a status ranking based on their performance that Artificial Intelligence and other users help define; resume details will play a role as well.  This ranking adds an extra dimension to target marketing services, helping employers, funding sources and other GDW users find the people they are looking for. This status can also be used to restrict access to specific GDW uploads and groups, which will come at a cost.  Good examples are blocking users who do not use the site appropriately or well, companies that only want to hear from their employees, investors or customers, and the government to only hear from academic experts on a specific topic or the people they represent (referendums could become more common).

Please read the in-depth article and take the Prototype Tour to learn more. 


For-Profit Non-Profits

Another way to get more money working for the 99% is to create For-Profit Non-Profits to supply the products and services that greedy corporations provide. I believe this is the wave of the future because they are required to give consumers what market studies say they want: Ethics.

Non-Profits are eligible for government funding and do not pay taxes. The trade off is that they are required to spend a significant portion of their profits on social development projects (~60%) and are not allowed to pay employees more than a set amount (~250,000), which includes bonuses. This situation greatly decreases the motivation to make unsustainable choices, reduce product quality, and be unethical for the sake of greed.

Let’s consider some examples:

- Would Monsanto have manipulated the system to bring Roundup to the market knowing of the risks if there wasn’t hundreds of millions of dollars to be distributed among those in control?

- Would natural cures and preventive know-how be ignored and suppressed if those in control of pharmaceutical and medical companies could not make tens of millions with patented drugs and procedures?  It is also important to point out that many natural and most preventative techniques work better, do not have significant side effects, as well as create less pollution and toxins.

- Would synthetic chemicals be rushed onto the market without proper examination concerning human and environmental health?

- Would our government be as corrupt as it is if there was much less financial motivation?

- Would pollution be allowed as freely? Would products be designed to fail or go out of date?

- Would food quality be higher? Would other products be made better?

- Would the warnings of global warming have been ignored as long as it was/has?

I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that the answer is no! When these acts do not result in (significant) financial gain for individuals, most people will not do them? Non-Profits can create this situation.

There are also the immoral acts of those experiencing poverty and other forms of financial stress, such as selfishness, theft, violent crimes, low mental and physical health, etc. Making it easier for everyone to financially survive will reduce these acts and improve the quality of life for everyone, especially the 99%. Note: Many of these people also have underdeveloped life skills (ex. keeping their mind and body healthy, managing money, communication skills, etc), which is viewed as a consequence of generational financial stress. Innovating the K-12 public school  curriculum  to  teach  life

skills as a priority (academic version) is another way to reduce these acts, as well as enhance overall health and performance of the students to contribute to the evolution of society with.


When a consumer has the choice to buy from a For-Profit Non-Profit at a similar cost, quality, and certification compared to a corporation that could fit the description above, and more than likely does compared to the Non-Profit, the Non-Profit will win almost every time.  If the consumer is sufficiently educated on the details of their choice, which many stores, sale staff, random people and websites will help them do, Non-Profits will probably win every time! 

I intend for Superhuman Strategies to become a For-Profit Non-Profit or to merge with an existing one that wishes to invest in the same or similar projects I mention on this website and in the Epilogue of my textbook (the average person can undertake many of them).  Aside from selling my books, DVDs and presenting, I have a large list of health food, supplement, and a few other products I have learn of and designed over the years; I have collected multiple marketing ideas as well.


The 2 Key Solutions for Solving Societal Money Problems

Although taxing the rich more appropriately would be nice, government corruption makes this hard to do.  To get around this: 


Solution 1: A Non-Profit that facilitates start-ups and the conversion of corporations into For-Profit Non-Profits, as well as monitors some of their business practices (ex. who they are buying from and how). 


Solution 2: The GDW (as a Non-Profit?); it can also be used to corner corruption. 


I want to start developing both of these projects as soon as possible. 


You might be thinking: “How do you plan to do all this?”.  I plan to put a team together to do the majority of the work because I am better suited to be a Spokesperson, Visionary, and Author.  Very few have had the opportunity to examine, strategize and communicate on the topics of individual and societal development as in depth as I have. It is important for me to keep building on this foundation for best result for all of us.  As you can imagine, these intentions are time and energy consuming, but also vital for identifying high priority topics concerning the evolution of individuals and society, as well as strategizing and directing associated projects. This is why I need your collaboration and donations. The more time and money I have to develop myself in these ways in collaboration with other noble individuals the better!


If I do not get enough financial support, I will have to focus more on making money, which will greatly reduce my available time and energy to put a team together and help them move these projects forward.



This is How I See it Unfolding


Assembling a team for each project, refining the business plans with them (I’ve already done a lot of this), incorporating, applying for government grants, and putting them into action.


Just so you know: I’ve been living frugally for a very long time - Your money will go a long way.


I have made a Facebook Page to post monthly and important updates. Please find the link in the description, like the page and share it with others.


Final Comment

Please remember that you could be the person that offers the right bit of expertise to make the difference, who’s social media post is seen by someone who plays a major role in making these solutions a success or who’s dollar donation makes an important investment possible!



How to Donate

The PayPal buttons cost me the least to use.  If you are more comfortable using a Crowdfunding Website, please click on one of the icons be


For-Profit Non-Profit Fund

There a lot of steps to be taken, and the first many do not provide a pay check.  Read this article to learn more.

For-Profit Non-Profit Fund GBP

For-Profit Non-Profit Fund CAD

For-Profit Non-Profit Fund USD

Global Debate Website Fund

Read this article to learn more about the Global Debate Website Fund.




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