A Business Introduction to Brett  Rogers

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With dedication to comprehensive research into the academic and general literature, I have authored an instructional textbook, 4 instructional books, 3 instructional DVDs, a science book, a political discussion book, as well as numerous articles, videos, presentations, coaching/consulting, workshops, and classes on the topics of Mind-Body-Spirit Health and Performance Enhancement Strategies and Societal Development.

My topics of expertise include:

Note: My Textbook provides at least an overview on most of these subjects.


  • Diet & Nutrition

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Meal Patterns/Routines, Foods, Beverages, Supplements

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: Improving Food Quality, Marketing Policies/Laws, and Security

  • Physical Exercise

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Efficient use of time and energy to maximum benefits

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: Making it easier for people to exercise enough and harder not to

  • Optimizing Sleep 

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Routine, Practices (ex. Meditation), and Supplements 

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: Anti-Daylight Savings and Anti-Shift Work Arguments and 

  • The Big Picture of Toxins/Pollution

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Identify, Avoid, and Detoxify them

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: Prevent their production, Precautionary Principle, and remove them from Environment

  • Caring for Adrenal, Thyroid, Sex and Other Hormones

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Routine, Supplements, Stress-Resilience, and Aging

    •   Decreasing Unnecessary Stress Sources

  • Anti-Aging and Longevity Strategies

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: All of the Above

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: All of the Above

  • Emotional and Mental Self-Help 

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Meditation, Stress Resilience, Energy Psychology, Brain Exercises, Supplements, and Decision Making

      • Good Decisions = A Good Life for Self and Others​

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: See Societal Development comments below.

  • Psychic/Spiritual Development

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Psychic/Spiritual​ Discernment, Meditative State, Expanding Awareness/Mindfulness, Energy Healing/Blessings, use of Gemstones/Crystals, Energy Cultivation, Tonglen, and Transmissions

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: Teaching Academic Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques as a Life Skill in Public School Curriculum

  • Societal Development

  • Beyond the topics of the books, I have excellent Research and Organizational Skills, from writing these books and associated projects, as well as by nature. By nature, I am also a Forward-Thinking Motivating Optimizer that is Ingenuitive - good parental genes ;) . ​

  • I have been collecting multiple product ideas and marketing strategies for the day when collaborators are met:

Food, Beverage and Supplements

I have been developing Food (mostly Functional Foods), Beverage (alcohol and non-alcohol types) and Supplement products and marketing strategies since 2002 as I studied these and related subjects. In 2014, I subscribed to several Nutraingredient newsletters, giving me exposure to policy, market trends and other details about these markets. I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge for benefiting a business in these markets.


In 2002, I started researching how to start a business that created, imported and distributed (online, physical stores and expos) products in Canada and the USA from Canada. I now consider it much wiser to enter an agreement with an existing company or individuals with the know how that share my humanitarian and environmental goals. I can only do so much, and there is much only I can do well.


Complementary to Above

Such a business sets a god foundation for several complementary products, such as several Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency designs, Grounding designs, Inexpensive and Versatile Therapeutic Magnet designs, and more.

League of Their Own


I also have several products that are not complementary, such as 2 automotive safety designs (I am sure one will be made mandatory; the other maybe) and 2 Clothes Dryer innovations to remove the need for the very toxic dryer sheets that are commonly in use (1 of them might have fabric softening benefits as well).

My Social Network Profiles: 

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Be the change you wish to see in the world and/or

invest in those who are doing so.