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A Business Introduction to Brett  Rogers

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Aside from helping people, organizations and society as a whole enhance mind-body-spirit health and performance to increase their rate of evolution (expertise I have acquired are listed below), I also have very good ingenuity that has been passed down to me from my father's bloodline.  I also grew up in a family manufacturing and engineering company that contributed to my engineering skills; held most positions of the manufacturing side and a few others. The family company also helped me appreciate what it takes to make a business work, as well as making it work (ex. mechanical and organizational problem solving).  The combination has given me a collection of (patentable) business ideas - some are extremely valuable!

I believe it is best for me to partner with existing businesses to develop these ideas, even if it is just for a 15% royalty.  Please consider the ideas below, and let me know of opportunities.


Remember, the more financial power I have, the more I can invest (ex. hiring people and marketing) into my own and other projects to effectively contribute to the evolution of the whole with my somewhat unique, large and focused  intellectual foundation as an author and entrepreneur.

Books and Online Courses

The Books and Online Courses I've made can do a lot of good for individuals and societies. There is still work to be done on all of them except the textbook when it comes to revisions and better editing; there are a few that have not been completed as well (some are close), including 2 stories that could become movies. I believe that having a Publisher get behind these works, utilizing me to help refine and promote what they accomplish is the best choice.


Note: The marketing and sales of these Books and Courses will help bring attention to the Societal Development and Business Projects I am involved with, and visa versa.

Food, Beverage and Supplements

Since 2002, I have been developing Food (mostly Functional Foods), Beverage (alcohol and non-alcohol types) and Supplement products and marketing strategies - there are many - as I studied these and related subjects.  In 2004, I applied for funding for some of my ideas and got a letter saying they would fund me if I could get it started; I did not have the contacts or funds to achieve this.  I've done a significant amount of work on a Canadian Health Product Number Application for a individual who I later concluded was being cheated by the Chinese Company he bought the Canadian Rights for their product from.  In 2014, I started receiving Nutraingredient newsletters as a resource for writing my textbook.  This gave me exposure to policy, market trends and other details that I kept record of to review once I business activities started.

Complementary to Above


Several complementary products include:

  • Grounding Devices that work better than existing option

  • A Water Ionizer innovation that is more cost efficient to produce

  • Inexpensive and Versatile Therapeutic Magnetic Therapy designs - I have developed several prototypes

  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) designs that have a few advantages

    • Cost less and are more effective in some ways

    • One design is expected to have more refined mind-body applications, but requires some research to learn how to use it effectively​

      • Note: I have studied Bioelectromagnetics diligently for many years (key findings discussed in textbook) and have a key research project designed that would help us better understand the relationship between Bioelectromagnetics and Consciousness (many details have already been revealed), as well as build better (patented) Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Devices.

Material/Ingredient Processing Innovation

In University, I studied Physics, Chemical Physics, Engineering and a few other subjects for 7 years.  I learned about a common problem that material/ingredient processing (ex. extractions and reactions) have and the conventional solutions that do not always work well, or at all.  Since that time, I have developed a few prototypes and tested their effectiveness: effective!  I am confident that this concept will deliver enormous benefits to multiple industries and be very profitable. 


I am only willing to work with companies that are capable of patenting this concept well (its inexpensive and simple to implement), protecting the patents (somewhat easy to hide from the sight of workers), taking action on intellectual property theft, as well as being able to quickly license its use to other companies; Stock Presence is preferred.

Important Air Conditioning Concept

This is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way of cooling buildings/homes, reducing, and in some situations making AC usage unnecessary. There are accompanying Government Policies that will expedite the implementation of this technology, making it more profitable in the short term, as well as open doors to government  and other forms of funding. Note: Global Warming is increasing AC usages, which in general is contributing to Carbon Emissions.

Wind Turbine Innovation

Conventional Wind Turbines need to shut off when wind speeds are too high. I have designed a turbine that automatically adjust to wind speeds, allowing both the too fast and too slow ranges to be accessed.  They can make use of Bird-Friendly designs and be mounted above the tree line of mountains with minimal helicopter service. 



Lithium Ion Battery Charger

It will automate a process that makes the recharging process more sustainable, resulting in these types, as well as of recharge sensitive batteries last longer. There is big money here with a somewhat easy business model; assuming Lithium Giants do not suppress us.

League of Their Own


A handful of other ideas that I remember (many are recorded and not easy to find in my notes), include:

  • 2 Automotive Safety designs (I am sure one will be made mandatory; the other maybe)

  • 2 Clothes Dryer innovations to remove the need for the very toxic dryer sheets that are commonly used (1 of them should have fabric softening benefits as well) 

  • A way to make alkalized or acidic water with less waste water

    • These types of products are gaining momentum

    • Products that supply bathtubs and showers​exist, showing great health benefits

  • A Range Hood innovation that prevents vent from sticking close when grease accumulates

  • A Range Hood innovation that prevents grains, beans, etc from running out of water and burning

My Topics of Expertise Include:

Note: My Textbook provides at least an overview of most of these subjects.


  • Diet & Nutrition

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Meal Patterns/Routines, Foods, Beverages, Supplements

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: Improving Food Quality, Marketing Policies/Laws, and Security

  • Physical Exercise

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Efficient use of time and energy to maximum benefits

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: Making it easier for people to exercise enough and harder not to

  • Optimizing Sleep 

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Routine, Practices (ex. Meditation), and Supplements 

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: Anti-Daylight Savings and Anti/Innovative Shift Work strategies

  • The Big Picture of Toxins/Pollution

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Identify, Avoid, and Detoxify them

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: Prevent their production, Precautionary Principle, and remove them from Environment

  • Caring for Adrenal, Thyroid, Sex and Other Hormones

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Routine, Supplements, Stress-Resilience, and Aging

    •   Decreasing Unnecessary Stress Sources

  • Anti-Aging and Longevity Strategies

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: All of the Above

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: All of the Above

  • Emotional and Mental Self-Help 

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Meditation, Stress Resilience, Energy Psychology, Brain Exercises, Supplements, and Decision Making

      • Good Decisions = A Good Life for Self and Others​

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: See Societal Development comments below.

  • Psychic/Spiritual Development

    • Core Individual Skill Strengths: Psychic/Spiritual​ Discernment, Meditative State, Expanding Awareness/Mindfulness, Energy Healing/Blessings, use of Gemstones/Crystals, Energy Cultivation, Tonglen, and Transmissions

    • Core Social Skill Strengths: Teaching Academic Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques as a Life Skill in Public School Curriculum

  • Societal Development

  • Beyond the topics of the books, I have excellent Engineering and Organizational Skills by nature, as well as from growing up in a family Engineering, Manufacturing and Marketing Firm.  I am a Forward Thinking Problem Solver with a heart for making the world a better place.  

My Social Network Profiles: 

  • Wix Facebook page
  • Wix Twitter page

Be the change you wish to see in the world and/or

invest in those who are doing so.

Thank you!!




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