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Be Still and Know God

Religious and spiritual scriptures from around world highly encourage spiritual development, yet many focus more on their worldly teachings, such as how to act. Many of these scriptures say the same and similar things concerning spiritual development.  In the content below, I will use Christian Bible verses to emphasize some very important teachings.

Part 1 - Heaven is Inside You

We are to be people of spirit [Galatians 5:25, John 3:5-8; Romans 8; Ezekiel 36:25; 2 Corinthians 3:17]. Only as we develop ourselves in this way will we more live, move, and have our being in God [Acts 17:28; John 17:20-23; John 13:34-17:26], truly becoming the Body of Christ [1 Corinthians 12:12-31]: God’s Will on Earth.

By the Holy Spirit, Christians are united [1 Corinthians 12:12-13]. The Holy Spirit grows inside you [1 Corinthians 3:16] as you grow in the virtues of consciousness [Philippians 4:8; Psalms 21:3; Ephesians 4:31(antivirtues)-32], such as Unconditional Love [John 4:16; John 13:34-17:26]. This makes it easier for you to live, move and have your being in God because your body and mind are vessels for the Holy Spirit [Luke 17:21]; a temple for God [Corinthians 6:19].

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I believe that as you grow in these ways, the following verses become more true [Matthew 18:19; Matthew 21:22; Mark 11:24; John 1:5; John 14:13; John 15:7; John 15:16; John 16:23–24; James 1:5–6; James 1:17; 1 John 3:22; 1 John 5:14–15].

Let’s consider this from another perspective: the Kingdom of Heaven is inside of you [Luke 17:21]. Truly, all of Heaven is not physically inside you. After studying many perspectives, I believe that your greatest connection to Heaven is inside you. This connection is your heavenly soul that has incarnated into your mind and body vessel. This is also why the Holy Spirit unites all Christians [1 Corinthians 12:12-13]: a specific connection/frequency of Heaven that can be tuned/coupled to (are a part of [John 17:20-23]).

This perspective brings new insight into why Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” [John 14:6]. Could it be that Jesus (Son of Man [Luke 9:22; 1 Corinthian 1:9]) was the incarnation of God’s Son [Matthew 3:17]? Could it also be that your soul came from the Son of God or some spiritual being/state between it and your soul? This is a fairly common spiritual teaching, which exists in Christianity as well: “All things come from God, through God, and return to God” [Romans 11:36]. Creation is made by, and of, God.


This perspective is very important for Christians to more easily embrace people of different religions. Jesus (Son of Man) is not the only way to God, the Son of God is the only way, which can be known by different names in other religions.


Remember, it is more than your intellectual perspective that builds your relationship with God, you are a mind-body vessel for something beyond comprehension. Develop yourself spiritually.

Part 2 - Be Still and Know God


Whether you consider yourself a Prayer Warrior, worship enthusiast, Christian or anything else, learning to be still and know God [Psalm 46:10], also known as meditating on the supernatural sensations associated with God, makes it easier for associated blessings to heal and empower your mind-body in general and specific ways, as well as provide guidance.

Consider your mind-body an instrument that vibrates in very complex ways. (Note: Academia has long confirmed that the human body is an electromagnetic and chemical orchestra of vibrations, sensitive to psychical, psychological (especially mood), and spiritual changes. See Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman for a great scientific introduction to this topic that also discusses spirituality). In such stillness, there are less vibrations competing with the often subtle influences of supernatural blessings that are trying to improve you spiritually, psychologically, and physically. Analogy: It is easier to tune a musical instrument when it is not being plaid in a complex way.

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Complete stillness is not the goal, although many meditation teachers encourage this. I believe it is best to focus your mind gently on positive emotional states (mood), such as peace, joy, gratitude, praise, love, bliss, and/or God’s Holy Presence to get you started; memories help a lot. Doing so tunes your mind-body to vibrations more associated with deeper parts of Heaven, making it easier for you to connect and receive. Analogy: It is easier to tune a musical instrument when it is being plaid gently compared to not at all.


The bible says that you can grow in union with God by growing in love [John 4:16; John 13:34-17:26]. This is often called Unconditional Love, which is a state of being, similar to when the Holy Spirit descends during worship, prayer, meditation, laying on of hands, being anointed, and being baptized; the Holy Spirit is love [John 4:16]. The more purely, intensely and often you experience the Holy Spirit, the more you are shaped as a vessel for it [1 Corinthians 3:16]; discussed again in Part 4.

This shaping can be facilitated by having difficult experiences [1 Peter 1:7] because they strengthen your virtues of consciousness in ways that easy experiences do not. If life never tests your patience, kindness, compassion or mercy, how will you strengthen it? Matthew 7:14 also discusses this: take the Narrow Road to enter Heaven through the Narrow Gate. Revised translations often replace the word Narrow with Hard Pressed or Affliction. Affliction tests virtue; learn more in the Epilogue below.


Some people find meditation scary because of the thoughts and feeling they have. Some experience this during simple silence as well, needing constant distraction (ex. media devices) to feel comfortable. These experiences are a normal part of being human because of the Default Network in the brain, which can be exaggerated due to poor mental health. Whether you have a mental health problem and/or there are too many negative energies/spirits around you, you need to change your focus from negativity to positivity to establish a good connection to Heaven before relaxing into a meditative receptive state [James 4:7]. There are lots of techniques to help you do this, as well as to do so more easily.

Being focused on the thoughts and emotions that couple/connect you to Heaven [Matthew 6:21-23] is an act of purity. Hence, Matthew 5:21-30 (Sermon on the Mount) does not speak of judgment, but of purity/resonance. To feel anger or lust is to pollute your vessel and therefore your resonance/connection to heaven. To choose love, especially in difficult situations [Matthew 5:43-48; see Epilogue below], is to strengthen your connection.

A powerful technique to help connect deep into Heaven, is to be a part of a good group/congregation of supernatural practitioners. The strengths of each member supports the others, making it easier for Heaven to connect to the group and its members. Hence, I encourage to first use prayer and worship to focus the mind and uplift mood so to establish a good connection  to Heaven and each other, and then meditate at the end for individuals to receive more personalized blessings in stillness.  This is also a good time to give and receive the Laying on of Hands; discussed below.  Note: Prayers and worship can also work (very) well on your own. Thank you internet worship music videos!! 


Cultivating positive relationships with your congregation is an important part of this. When love is abundant in its many expressions (ex. helping out, listening, caring, connecting, etc), it is much easier for associated emotions to be empowered well during these acts.

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Part 3 - Supernatural Blessings


Some people have developed a great connection to Heaven and their vessel is well developed to help relay Heaven’s supernatural blessings to others. This is done with Baptism, Anointing, Prayer, the Laying on of Hands and more.

Although Heaven is involved, some people performing these acts are not in the right state to do so well. Being in a negative mood, which includes arrogance [James 4:6-10; Psalm 25:9], tends to pollute the blessings they transmit. Studies confirm this! You need to be discerning of yourself in these ways (always [Matthew 6:22]), and of others. Note: Mindfulness techniques, most of which are related to meditation, help people increase their overall awareness of self and others. When the vibrations in the mind-body are calm (meditative state), everything works better, both during and afterwards; studies confirm this. The science concerning meditation and related subjects is discussed in Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman.


An important concept that naturally evolves for many as they learn to meditate as discussed above, is using less words when they Pray [Matthew 6: 7-8; Ephesians 6:18; Jude 20; 1 Corinthian 14:15]. God knows everything about you, the situation, and what the best outcome is. Prayer is a state of being. Your words are mostly to help guide the awareness of those around you, and perhaps yourself.  Instead of words, make your connection to Heaven the top priority.


Once you are connected well, relax into the love to receive and transmit blessings. Remember, you can pray for God’s Will to be upon anything or situation, such as your government, a school, and even the weather.

Supernatural blessings can do miraculous things, but do not rely on them [Luke 4:12]. From all my experiences it seems that Heaven has a Budget for Blessings. The more prayer, worship, anointing and baptizing we do, the bigger this budget is.

A lot of good needs to be done in this world, so learn to minimize the need to draw upon this budget. A very important thing you can do is learn to optimize your mind-body health and performance so you can do more without it. Healthy lifestyle practices, psychological techniques (especially of Energy Psychology) and other forms of self care play very important roles in this; learn more here.


If you truly want to be united with Heaven and ultimately God, you need to enhance overall mind-body-spirit health, and performance. Doing so makes it easier to keep your emotions and thoughts naturally positive, as well as control them, helping you to connect to Heaven in more precise and powerful ways. It also improves you as a mind-body vessel for the Holy Spirit, making you more capable to receive, store/cultivate, relay, and deliver supernatural blessings of a more powerful and complex nature.

Part 4 - Revival


I am a big supporter of spending time with others in meditation, prayer and worship, as well as the laying on of hands and anointing while prioritizing the awakening of God’s Holy Spirit from within. These are often missing or neglected facets of Christianity that once restored, will likely bring Revival to the Church and humanity in general. They build our connection/union with Heaven, making it easier to receive guidance, so we know what God’s Will is in every moment, as well as healing and empowerment, so we are more capable to do what needs to be done.


Remember, discipleship means to teach people to be like Jesus. This includes his psychic and spiritual abilities (gifts). Please use the products linked to the images in this article to help remind yourself and teach others in a state of humility, peace, patience, perseverance, love and the other virtues of consciousness as well [Ephesians 4:2].

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Epilogue – The Champion Attitude


Life gets tough sometimes, and down right harsh as well. Most of us want, and sometimes try to escape these experiences, but Jesus, as well as many great teachers of the past and today, encourage you to champion them for the sake of a better future for yourself and everyone.


If God makes a person rich and powerful, does that make God good? If God makes a person beautiful and charming, does this make God good? If it helps them make the world a better place, then in humility (God ways are sometimes beyond my comprehension), I would say yes. If they spoil themselves, do harm to others and ignore the things of this world that need their attention, then I would say no.

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If God makes a person's life hard, giving them temptations and tribulations to the point of near mind-body-spirit exhaustion, would you say God is not good? If you are familiar with the Narrow Gate teaching [Matthew 7:14] then you might already know where I am going with this. God wants to strengthen your soul with the virtues of consciousness [Philippians 4:8; Psalms 21:3; Ephesians 4:31(antivirtues)-32; Hebrews 1:14] because of the benefits discussed in the main body of this article. They are also the only treasures taken with you when you leave your body at death [Matthew 6:19-21], giving your immoral soul more nearness to God [Matthew 10:28; Romans 6:23]. Note: Many spiritual teachings, including academic studies of Near Death Experiences and particularly Hypnotism, find that the primary purpose of incarnation is for the soul to develop virtues.

So, if God afflicts you, does that make God good? If the affliction overwhelms you and you become an addict or consistently hurt yourself or others (accidents happens – confess, learn and forgive yourself [1 John 1:9] and others [Luke 17:3-4]), then again with humility, I would say no. (Note: God is not likely to give you more than you can handle, but you and nature might. Be obedient [2 Corinthians 10:5].) If you overcome your challenges and become more compassionate, graceful, patient, loving and/or virtuous/righteous in other ways, then I would say yes. Consider affliction weight-lifting for your soul.

Virtues can be developed without hard-pressing experiences as well, such as by education and being concerned and involved with the tribulations in other people's lives [Matthew 16:24-26; Philippians 2:3-4; Proverbs 28:27; Hebrews 13:16; Act 20:35].


Many think love is about being of service, and it is [Galatians 5:13], but true love gives what is needed, not what is wanted. If helping someone takes away their opportunity to grow in virtue, then it might not be God’s Will for you to help them in that way. Knowing where to draw the line can be challenging [Ephesians 4:2]. I find prayers are usually answered more readily in these situations. Remember, the more you grow as a vessel, the easier it is to receive guidance.

When trying to help someone through tough times, asking if they would like you to pray for them is usually received well, although they may not always say yes, especially if you catch them off guard.  Often it is best to let them know you are willing and they just need to ask.  This prevents them from answering no and them feeling that the opportunity has past.  Even better is using one of the products with the design to the right (ex. on a piece of clothing or poster) because it provides a constant reminder for them as well as invites everyone else :) .


Remember, telling someone that God is in control and wants good things for them [Jeremiah 29:11; Isaiah 41:10; John 12:24] may lighten the load for some, but not everyone.  Some will turn away more in the wake of their confusion and anger, thinking/feeling that they have been forsaken or neglected by God, especially if they do not understand/accept the benefits of tribulations.

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Whether it is God's Will, yours, or nature that brings you affliction, drawing closer to God will increase your potential to be victorious [Romans 8:28; Psalms 46:1]. Meeting Heaven half-way with prayer, worship, meditation, and other supernatural practices makes it a lot easier for them to help you.

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The images in this article can be viewed and purchased on various forms of clothing, home decor, posters and more from this website

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