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Psychic and Spiritual Development


Psychic development refers to your psyche/consciousness as a human. Your awareness of emotional and mental energies, also known as psychic energies (the energies of your psyche), qi, ki, prana, mana, life force, spirit, spiritual energies, energy and many other names from around the word is a psychic phenomenon. Although spiritual forces can control these energies, you are only able to sense spiritual forces psychically. Common terms associated with psychic awareness are Extrasensory Perception, Sixth Sense, Psychicism, Remote Viewing, Prophecy, Precognition, and Mediumship.


Psychic awareness makes it easier to learn about people, places, things, events, spirits and everything else by sensing the psychic energies associated with them. You can also sense these psychic energies over great distances and even into the past and future because, as studies have verified, the nature of psychic energies has space and time freedoms that physical matter does not. I discuss such studies in my books The Psychic Energy Reality and Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman.

Controlling psychic energies is another psychic skill. Doing so is associated with Energy Healing-Empowerment modalities such as Reiki, the Laying on of Hands, Prayer, Psychic Anatomy Exercises/Yoga/Treatments and many other practices.


An important part of Spiritual Development is connecting to and working with spirits relies heavily on psychic development because your soul, angels, spirit guides and other spirits interact with you using psychic energies. With these energies they help heal, empower and guide you, as well as others, places, things and everything else with/through you. By increasing the purity, health, and performance of your psyche, spirits of a higher nature (ex. angels, spirit guides, God) can interact with you more easily to facilitate your development and that of the whole (the meaning of life).

Discerning the quality of spirits is a very important skill because there are many spirits of a lower nature that vary in their helpfulness. This is a complicated subject that you do not need to address until your soul guides you to do so, which may never happen. The most important thing you need to know is that spirits of a higher nature have a presence (psychic energies) of glorious divinity, unconditional love, compassion, peace and other virtues. Once you learn to recognize them, which is easier to do in group practices that are already well connected to them (more power), all you need to do is focus on the memory to help connect to them; this gets easier with practice.


Often the presence of higher spirits empowers the same energies to shine out from within you and sometimes from deep within you, while lower spirits can do the opposite (ex. increase greed, jealousy, hatred, division, etc; this can be subtle). A major goal of being human is to help more of your soul awaken inside you as a human; this is a big goal of Spiritual Development. When you incarnate, your soul consciousness is limited to what the human vessel can support (its circuits). As you evolve physically, psychologically, and psychically your soul can more easily blossom, helping you to make better decisions, heal, grow and contribute to the evolution of the whole. Hence, using physical, emotional and mental health and performance enhancement techniques greatly compliments psychic and spiritual development. See my book Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman for more information on these techniques.


Meditation is very important to overall health and performance enhancement. Although mostly associated with spirituality, its benefits are widespread. It works by calming your body which helps it calibrate itself; this is why meditation is often called Centering. In a meditative state you become more aware physically, emotionally, mental and psychically, which academia calls Mindfulness; there are complimentary techniques as well. It also makes it easier for the subtle strength of psychic energies to influence you, so be mindful of what you give your conscious and unconscious attention when meditating (ex. type of media and people around you, as well as the emotions and thoughts you are focusing on). I discuss these topics in most of my books with Diet and Lifestyle Enhancement Strategies for Becoming Superhuman providing the best overview.


It is also very important to consider the health and performance of your psychic anatomy because it is the primary part of you that senses and controls psychic energies. If it is unhealthy in a significant way, which is common due to lack of exercising it, addressing these parts can make a significant difference to your psychic and spiritual development. To learn more about enhancing the health and performance of your psychic anatomy (ex. meridans/naids, chakras, auric fields, hara, core star, and your internal aura) see the following article and my books Psychic Anatomy Exercises, Psychic Anatomy Yoga, and Psychic Anatomy Treatments; Inner and Outer Success just teaches the core techniques.

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